1. Hi Everyone, as many of you have read, I am a new Stampin Up Demonstrator!!  So I signed up under my FAVORITE Stampin Up girl, Norma at  She has helped me so much, and I can never thank her enough!! So during one of our marathon phone calls today, she helped me on my blog, and helped me load my videos, and future videos, that I can't possibly make anymore, cause it is that time of year again that I go through all of my crafting supplies, and then I have a big Scrap booking sale and share the things that I don't use anymore, or the things that I guess I must love so much, that I have bought them twice, and greatly reduce the prices, and then I start fresh again!! So you can watch this video, and that is what my craft room looks like (AGAIN) !!! 

This next video, shows what my craft room looks like when I clean it out, after my sale, when I have room to re-organize!!!!!   If anyone is looking for anything in particular, please email me, and I will see what I have. !!

This next video, is demonstrating my favorite product of all my supplies ever, this is the one, that I can't live with out!!  Watch this video, and you will see why  I love it so much, you will become a


This next video, is one of my favorite techniques.  It is a way to have your paper look like you cross stiched on it, but all it is, is a brass stencil, masking tape, ink, and screening!! You will be amazed how easy it is!!!

This video is a way to make boxes out of plain card stock, or printed paper.  I use card stock to make the box, and  paper to decorate  the box. You will be amazed by what you can do with some regular paper, and a ruler!!!

This is a technique that I saw somewhere, I have no idea where, but I did copy someone.  It is cute way to make flowers out of something that you might just be throwing away!!

This is another thing that you can do with your brass stencils.  This is an easy way to make a nice gift for someone, on a small budget!!

This video, I made when the new product called Gluebers.  I just couldn't imagine going out to buy a circle of glue, when I could just make it myself!!

I like playing with these Honey Pop shapes.  If you haven't tried them, watch this video first, I used them without buying the stamps that they want you to buy.  There is nothing wrong with buying the stamps, but I have so many, that I was sure that I could find a stamp or 2 that I could use!!

I am sure that you all have glass jars filled with these paper flowers, and they seem to multiply as you take them out of the jar!!  I just was sure I could use them as some kind of decoration, and this was an easy one!!!

This is probably my most favorite thing to craft!! You are helping to save the environment , and they are so darn cute!!!
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