Friday, December 11, 2015

Failed You Tube Video!!

Hey Guys,
I was trying to do an updated video to my Lightbulb Christmas Ornaments, and my son told me that my life would be so much easier if I just made my YouTube videos on my IPhone!! So I said to my helpful son, Ok, I am all for making my life easier!! Well I got all set up, with a list of info that I wanted to talk about, and set my phone up, and started to make my video, after a while, I happened to notice that my phone had stopped taping 20 minutes ago!! Well this happened 6 times over 3 days, and I demonstrated my heart out, and it didn't work!! So anyway I am now so sick of making the ornaments, plus they were for orders, and I have used up my light bulbs, so I took pictures of the ornaments, and I will make a video as soon as I can get the feeling that I hate making Light Bulb Ornaments subsides!! So if you feel like you need to see a lightbulb ornament video, you go to my YouTube Channel Karen Driscoll you can see the first one, oh and by the way, almost 70,000 people have seen it, so there must be something good there!! I am being told that if all those people that if the people that have watched liked it and subscribed to my channel, I could get paid!!  That would not be bad!! That was a hint!! So Anyway, here are some pictures!! I hope you like!


  1. So excited for you! I will try to find you on Youtube! These are so cute!!

    1. Thanks Tisha!! I hope all is good with you!!! Can't wait to get my craft room in some kinda order so I don't feel guilty crafting away as my house falls down around me!! Lol


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