Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cameo vs Explore!

Hey guys!!
Well as I am trying to come up for air from what some people would call Crafter/Scrapbooker's Heaven and I am certainly not complaining, well, I guess I am kinda complaining, but there are so many "problems" that I could complain about, this should not be one of them!! I mentioned that I had bought the Cricut Explore, and I already had the Cameo, and I am trying, to decide which one I want to keep, well not trying to decide I have decided that I am going to keep the Explore!  I haven't really had time to actually play with the Explore, but I decided to keep the Explore because financially it makes the most sense.  I have so many cartridges, so the thought of not using them cause I feel like I have to have the next big thing, is crazy!  Not that I don't think that the Explore is the next big thing, because it is, but I have decided to sell the Cameo, I have a bunch of cuts in my Library, and I think that I can probably switch my acct to someone else, so I think that the Explore is much easier to use, I don't know if everyone has looked into the Explore, but there are a bunch of projects that you look at, and then if you want to make it, you just click on it, and if you own the cartridge that you need to make it then you just make it, and if you don't own the cartridge, then you just make it!  So, I don't know if that helped anyone decide what to do, but I hope so!  So, I am going to post the pictures to share with you what I have been dealing with and what has been keeping me away from all of you, and I know that has been a great void in all of your lives, and I can only imagine how difficult that has been on all of you and I am truly sorry!!  So here goes, and I need you to all sit down as you look at these pictures, and the good thing that will be coming from all this is that I have a few boxes of things that I have put aside to give away to all of you!!  Just a small token to make up for all this time that we have been apart!!  So here goes!!

OK So there it is, now it does look a little bit better now cause I have been working on it faithfully!  So I really hope to get back here soon, I miss crafting, and chatting with you all!! See you soon, Karen♥
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