Saturday, March 22, 2014

Update, and a New Cake!

Hey all, I have missed chatting with you guys so much!!  So much has been going on, we have all been so busy around here,  My son is getting ready to graduate from High school, my daughter is getting ready to move with a friend of hers to South Carolina, and we have all been sick, dogs included!!! I am also cleaning out my my craft room, there is so much stuff, that if I crafted everyday, 24hrs a day, 365 days a year, I wouldn't even get through a tenth of stuff that I have, and I have not even touched the stuff in the basement!! LOL  So if there is something that you have been looking for, please email me at and make me an offer, and if I have it, it is yours!!!  I also wanted to post a picture of the cake that I made for my daughters birthday,  I hope everyone is healthy and happy, and I hope to be back soon!! Karen♥


  1. OMG! Karen you rocked this cake right of the ball park! She must of been tickled pink with it. I know I sure would be. I know what you are saying when you talk about your scrapbooking stuff. I was talking to my daughter today and she said she had to go to Micheals to get a new eyelet setter. I told her to go to my house and go in my scraproom and take one since I have two sets there and one on vacation with me. She said why you have so many and I said because I'm crazy. Yes it is time to downsize in that department for sure. Anyway take care and it is great to hear from you.

  2. WOW Karen! That cake is AWESOME!!!! Over the top amazing!! Fabulous job!!!
    Hope all is well with everything else in your neck of the woods :) Glad that you popped in to say hello!!!
    Don't be a stranger!

  3. Oh Karen this is fabulous!! Happy Birthday to your daughter and I'm sure she LOVED it!! I hope you feel better soon and you have to share your clean craft room as soon as you are done. Have a great week my friend. BTW- I love the cake below also so beautiful:)

  4. Hey Karen, today is the first time I've gotten on Blogger in such a LONG time & so I was just checking in on you & some of my other old blog buddies. I was especially thinking of you because of my pumpkins you sent a couple of years ago- remember that? I never did get them decorated like you did yours, but I enjoy them just the same & they always make me think of you.
    The cakes you've posted are fantastic, and I intended to just leave you a comment on your most recent post, but this one really caught my eye. Where in SC did your daughter move? (I'm betting either Charleston or the Spartanburg area, but wouldn't it be a hoot if she were close to me.) Hope all is well with you.


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