Monday, February 24, 2014

Hi Everyone!!

Hi Everyone!! I have missed chatting with you all.  I have been busy going through all my stuff, but my daughter Amanda's boss is going to have a surgery, so I made a cake for her to bring to work, so I thought I would share it with you all.  I hope to get back here soon, but till then, here it is!! Karen♥

I was trying to make it look like that Wedgwood china, that my mom has a collection of.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Changing Things Around !

Hi everyone,
I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I have come to discover that I have to many scrap booking /crafting supplies, that I don't even know what I have.  Things that I bought to use for something, and I can't find what I was going to use it with, or visa versa!!  So my wonderful scrappy friends, I will be taking the next few weeks, going through my craft/now more like a storage room, and I will be getting rid of more than 1/2 of what I have now, and probably more like 3/ 4 of what I have, and it is more like a crafting bunker, so I am going to war with my supplies!  Anyway, I would like to let you guys have first dibbs of what I am selling, and since that is going to take me quite a while, if any of you are looking to purchase something that I might have, put up a comment and ask me if I have it, I will let you know and we can work out a price that we can both work with.  I also think, or I like to think that when I have my regular sales, and yes I also have yearly sales, and I have quite a little following with the local crafters, and I make quite a killing once a year!  So please ask, don't worry,  you will be doing me a favor.  I really could use the money, and I am a very diverse crafter, so to much of one craft, and I get punchy, so by getting rid of some of my papercrafting supplies, it frees me up to do other things that I love to do, but I feel guilty purchasing something to do other crafts when I have so much papercrafting stuff.  I will let you know that I have Cricut carts new and some I just opened to get the reward code, and to link to my Gypsy, which I will also be selling, it is barely used, I have the box, silicone sleeve, the bag, the car charger  and a few other things, and there are almost 90 cartridges linked to it, tons of paper, Lots of Tim Holtz, glass tiles, and jewelry making supplies, Martha Stewart punches, We R Memory Keepers Punches tons of stamps, tons of powder, glitter mist, smooch, I just cant even think.  Anyway, Thanks for reading, I hope I can  help you out, and help myself also.  If you post this sale on your blog, and you purchase something, I will give you something that you buy for free!!!

Thanks,  Karen♥

I have just gone through my Copic Sketch markers, so I thought I would list the colors that I have.  I am hoping to get $5.00 ea, unless someone wanted to buy a big lot, or all then we could get a package price together.  Here is what I have,
                                                         0,C1,C3,C5,C6,C7 E00,E01,E02,E21,E33,E9,E27,E29,E37,E39,E44,E47, B000,B14,B05,B32,B45,B39, BG02,BG05,BG07, G07,G16,G17,G19,G21,G28, R01,R02,R08,R14,R17,R27,R32,R37,R81,R83,R85, RV29,RV11, V04,V09,V15,V17, W1,W3,W5,W7 Y04,Y13,Y15,Y17,Y18,Y32, YG03,YG11,YG13,YR24. 

I will be listing things as I come across what I want to sell.  If you post that I am having a clearing out of my craft room so I don't get lost in there sale,  I will put the names of people that posted the info on their blog, in a bowl, and have some kind of a prize!! Thanks again!!  Karen♥

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