Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hubby's 50th Birthday cake!!

Hey all,
I have been dying to make my husbands birthday cake, for so long.  Of course that meant that something would go wrong, and it did!! We have all been sick around here, but I thought that I would do it Friday.  I still didn't feel well, but I really wanted to make it anyway.  So you can see for yourself, that it is so sloppy, messy, and the worst cake I have ever made.  I wanted to share it with you, so you could see what I was attempting anyway!  Anyway, Happy Birthday to my Amazing, Wonderful, and after seeing this cake, my Very Understanding Hubby!! I Love You, Karen♥


  1. Thanks Carri, but I am going to re-do it, cause it is a mess!! haha Thanks for your politeness (is that even a word?? lol ♥

  2. Very creative!! It was a good effort, definitely ;)
    Happy birthday to your hubby!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I absolutely LOVE this!!! Did you even show it to him? Me and hubs just turned 50 last October, so I can assure you, the sentiment is correct! I love the tire cake too! I forgot how awesome you are at cakes!

    Okay, I'm going to go snoop around more and catch up on your life a little! I'm turning over a new leaf to be a better bloggy friend. I kind of dropped off the face of the earth, but now I'm baaaack! haha!


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