Saturday, January 11, 2014

Aunt Nellie Update!!

Auntie Nellie!!

Hey guys, I am just back from visiting my Auntie Nellie in the hospital, after her Emergency Surgery for a blockage in her bowel.  At 93,  the doctors were very clear that at her age, any surgery was very risky.  They basically let us know, that there was a very small chance that she would even make it through the surgery.  So prepared  for the worst, we walked into her room, to find her sitting in a chair reading her "trash" magazines, and wishing Patrick Swayzey's widowed wife much happiness, because according to the National Enquirer, she was starting to date, and Auntie Nellie, said that she should absolutely start dating. and that  more than enough time has gone by since Patrick passed away to start!!  So to all of you keeping her and us in your prayers, We all thank you so much!!  So I am now thinking to March trying to figure out what to make her for her 94th Birthday!!!!! Karen♥


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