Monday, January 20, 2014

50th Birthday Cake Take 2 !!!

Hey all,
After a sleepless night worrying over the 50th Birthday cake that I made for my Hubby, because it came out awful, (see last post)  I decided to make a new one.  It still is not my beat work, but I do like it better!! Let me know what you think!     Karen♥


  1. LOL!! This is adorable!!!!
    Bet he loved it Karen!!!!

  2. Hey Jess, Thanks!!! He did love it, but he also loved the first one too!! He thought that I was crazy to make another one, cause the first one was absolutely beautiful!!! ( It is great to have someone in your corner, no matter how bad your cake comes out !!! ) hahaha This must be the "For Better or for worse part!!! LOL


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