Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Scrapbooking/Cardmaking Supplies For Sale!!

Scrap/Stamp Supplies For Sale!!!

Hey Guys, as I am starting to clean my craft room, I am finding Items that I have bought double's of,
or things that I bought that I have 1 or 2 items left in the pack, ect. and now that I am beginning my new journey selling Stampin Up, I have to scale back.  I am finding that I have no room for some things, and they are getting ruined, because I am running out of storage, or the biggest reason, and one that I hate, cause it makes me realize that I am old, but we ( I ) really have to get better at saving for the R word, yes RETIREMENT UGGggggggg!  Anyway, the first Items that I am listing, are 

Peachy Keen Stamps
 $17.00 ea plus shipping in US Only! (sorry)
 If you are interested, call me @508-695-6414 or email me at kadris@aol.com

They are all new. and still in the packages, and are in EXCELLENT condition.  There are a few that were on a shelf near the window, and the sun lightened some of them, but it happened to mine also, and I tried them, and  they work perfectly, so I am not concerned So here they are:

PK 690 Make A Monster Face Assortment
PK-650  Just Baby Faces Assortment Package PK 490 Everyday Character Face Assortment

PK 490 Everyday Character Face Assortment
PK 530 Simple Simons Face Assortment PK 690 Make A Monster Face Assortment

 PK 450 Wide Eyed Kids Face Assortment
PK 450 Critter Faces Set Medium Assortment
PK 640 Princess Face Assortment
  PK 440 Cute & Cuddly Face Assortment
PK 757 Wide Eyed and Bushy Tailed Face Assortment

 PK 500 Snow Cutie Face Assortment

 PK 460 Happy Lashes Assortment

Monday, January 20, 2014

50th Birthday Cake Take 2 !!!

Hey all,
After a sleepless night worrying over the 50th Birthday cake that I made for my Hubby, because it came out awful, (see last post)  I decided to make a new one.  It still is not my beat work, but I do like it better!! Let me know what you think!     Karen♥

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hubby's 50th Birthday cake!!

Hey all,
I have been dying to make my husbands birthday cake, for so long.  Of course that meant that something would go wrong, and it did!! We have all been sick around here, but I thought that I would do it Friday.  I still didn't feel well, but I really wanted to make it anyway.  So you can see for yourself, that it is so sloppy, messy, and the worst cake I have ever made.  I wanted to share it with you, so you could see what I was attempting anyway!  Anyway, Happy Birthday to my Amazing, Wonderful, and after seeing this cake, my Very Understanding Hubby!! I Love You, Karen♥

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Aunt Nellie Update!!

Auntie Nellie!!

Hey guys, I am just back from visiting my Auntie Nellie in the hospital, after her Emergency Surgery for a blockage in her bowel.  At 93,  the doctors were very clear that at her age, any surgery was very risky.  They basically let us know, that there was a very small chance that she would even make it through the surgery.  So prepared  for the worst, we walked into her room, to find her sitting in a chair reading her "trash" magazines, and wishing Patrick Swayzey's widowed wife much happiness, because according to the National Enquirer, she was starting to date, and Auntie Nellie, said that she should absolutely start dating. and that  more than enough time has gone by since Patrick passed away to start!!  So to all of you keeping her and us in your prayers, We all thank you so much!!  So I am now thinking to March trying to figure out what to make her for her 94th Birthday!!!!! Karen♥

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Aunt Nellie

Aunt Nellie

Hey all
I just wanted to come by to let you know where I have been.
I know that a lot of you have kind of got to know Aunt Nellie, and you know how much we all love her,  and how much she encourages me with all my crafting, because she is the one who I first was introduced to all crafts!! Anyway, she was rushed into the hospital, and had to have emergency surgery.  She is 93, and in great spirits, and doing well.  So anyway, this is where I have been, and where I will be for a little while.  I will be popping by, like right now, and if I happen to craft something, I will absolutely post it.  Although the state of my craft room is looking like if the state saw it, that room alone would be condemned, and I would be on the show HOARDERS!! LOL  Anyway, I am off to check out all of your blogs, and if anyone is interested in placing a Stampin Up order, while they are offering free stuff if you spend $50.00 or more, it is a great time to check out all the really cool stuff!!   Karen♥

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stampin Up's 2014 Occasions Catalog!!!

Hi Everyone!!
As you all know,I have recently become a Stampin Up Demonstrator.  My friend Norma has been helping me get the hang of things.  I am learning all kind of things like PDF's, and HTML's, Linking things, ect. Anyway, I just wanted to thank all of you for you wonderful comments, and well wishes.  I hope you think of my for your stamping needs, or questions that you have about Stampin Up.  I might not know the answer, but I will find it, and we will both learn together!! So this is the new 2014 Occasions Catalog, I hope you have a look and see the great things in there that I know I will be getting. My hubby is hoping that I actually make a dollar or so before I spend a thousand!! I told him I couldn't guarantee it! LOL!

I'm so excited to announce the release of the OCCASIONS 2014 CATALOG today and in celebration I thought I would share some "NEW"Stampin' Up! videos featuring some of our NEW products!!! 

Let me know what were some of your favorites from the catalog or videos and I might just have a surprise giveaway once I place my order for some new goodies!  Enjoy Karen♥

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