Monday, December 30, 2013

More Christmas cards

Hey All, I just wanted to add a couple more cards using the Stampin Up Owl Punch!!!  I used Inkssentials glossy Accents, and I wasn't exactly the neatest with it,  so there is a lot of shiny areas. It didn't look that bad in person, but when I saw the pictures, it looked awful!! Oh Well!!!  Here they are:
 The Rudolf in the center is behind a hole that I punched in the middle of the card, so that when you open the card, Rudolf is on a wreath, with berries on an Action Wobble!

 This one has a piece of snowflake paper that I had lying around, and all the cards also have an embossed white paper of snowflakes!

Anyway, not the most beautiful, but I still love them!!

Stampin Up Supplies that I used making these cards are:

  • Crumb Cake  #120953  
  • and Whisper White #100730 from the Neutrals Collection
  • The Green paper was paper I had in my stash, but Gumball Green #126840 from the In Color Collection would look great!!
  • Red Ribbon from stash
  • The Reindeer colors are a combination of  Chocolate Chip #102128
  • Early Espresso #119686
  • and Soft Suede #115318
  • and Basic Black #121045 All from the Neutrals Collection 
  • I hope you all like them, and thanks for stopping by!! Karen♥

Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays!!!!

Happy Holidays

Hi Everyone, I imagine that you guys are going as crazy as I am with all of our Holiday Festivities.
So I will not be posting till 2014!!!
So I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!
I hope all of your wishes for the New Year came true, and I will be thinking of all of you!! God Bless, and I will see you next year!!

Happy New Year,  Karen♥

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finally Finished!!!

Hey All,
Some of you that follow my blog, know of my Aunt Nellie.  I love her to death, but she has a habit of
wanting me to whip something up for her at a moments noticed.  Now because I love her, I would never dream of saying no!  A few weeks ago, I posted some snow people that I made for her out of a cheap glass bud vase, and some decorations.  Well last week she asked me if I could make her a couple  so she could give them to her friends, so of course I said yes.  Well a couple means 7, or 8, oh and just make an extra one, just in case.  I am finally finished, and I just thought, that I would share the whole lot with ya.  Here they are,,,,,,

Then I didn't want to just bring them over to her just in a bag, so I just made a few Santa bags, with matching gift tags.

So, thanks for looking, I hope you are all having as much fun as I am crafting my way through Christmas!!!  Karen♥                             

Friday, December 13, 2013

Stampin Up Christmas card!!

Hi Everyone, I can't believe how fast this week went by!!! I want to start off, with an apology to Diva's by Design, and another site, (That I will figure out where else I entered my Rudolf card to)  I forgot to mention the Blogs that I entered my card, and did not post on my blog, the names of the sites, so I truly do apologize!!   Now, This is one style of the cards that I made to send out this year, I hope that you like!!!

I found this card on Pinterest  in the Stampin Up section!! I did do my own thing to it, but I did get the idea from Pinterest!!   This is my recipe:

The card is 6-1/2 x 4-1/2  from Whisper White,  the paper at the top of the card is from the Stampin Up Christmas catalog page 29, Winter Frost Designer Series Paper Stack #132183.  The stamps are also from the Christmas catalog, page 35, Christmas Collectibles Wood #131772, or clear # 131775.  I used Pool Party ink #126982, and Smokey Slate # 131179. Also on that same page, is the punch that easily cuts these Beautiful Ornaments #132152.  The Washi  Tape that I had, but on page 25, there is Season of Style Designer Washi Tape in green, silver, and red. #132155.  The thin silver ribon, that I also had.  The CRAZY thing about this card, was that I walked into Michaels, and right in front of me  were these Happy Holiday stickers in the exact colors of my card, so I just had to buy them!  So that is my card.  If anyone has any questions, or if you are interested in Stampin Up products, contact me, and I will be happy to help you out!! Karen♥

Friday, December 6, 2013

Reindeer Card

Hey guys,
 I wanted to share 1 of the cards that I will be sending out for Christmas.  I used some wire from my stock, some light stickers, that I found in the doll house section at Michael's.            

 I used a Martha Stewart Anywhere Punch to cut the circle out, and a scallop punch to make the wreath around the hole.
 I also used these lights that I found in the dollhouse section also at Michael's The deer that I used was made from the Stampin Up Owl Builder punch # 3118074 IN THE 2013-2014 Catalog, and you can order anything Stampin Up right from my blog.
Oh the deer that is tangled up in the lights is on an Action Wobbler thing (I could go and check what the exact name of the wobbler thing, but I am being lazy cause I hurt my back, so if you don't know the name, and would like to, just email me.) Anyway, if you choose to set the reindeer loose, he would be so grateful, that he will wobble for you!! Any questions, just email me at  Thanks, I hope you like it!!!! Karen♥

Hey Everyone, I forgot to tell you that I entered this card at Divas By Design, Sorry everyone over at Diva's!!  Karen♥

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Aunt Nellie's Snowmen

Hi guys,  I have missed being on here and bopping around looking at all the wonderful things that you talented ladies create!!  I was just thinking that I finally caught up to what I thought I could manage to do before Christmas, when my WONDERFUL Aunt Nellie called and asked if I remembered the snowmen that I made for her a few years ago, and wanted to know if I could make her about 9 or 10??!?  AUUGGGGGGGHHH!!! Of course I said yes I would be happy to make them for her, but I would have to come over and pick some of them up so I could see or even remember what they looked like!! So I thought that I would share them with you.  I learned how to make these from a scrapping weekend that my Local Scrapbook Store sponsored.  Just to give them a plug, and in case someone finds themselves in Southern MA with nothing to do, the name of the store is  Right AT Home Scrapbooking!! Anyway, here they are:
These are 2 of the 4 that I made for her.  They are actually very easy to make.  All you need is some little glass vases, they are at Michaels for about $1.00-$2.00

 You then fill the vases, just about 1/4 of the way with pearl like beads.  You could put any kind you have, not expensive, and any size you like.
 Then you glue a styrofoam ball to the opening of the vase.  I also covered the styrofoam ball with glue and rolled it through fine glitter, like the clear, or white color.

 The face has pink cheeks that are deliberately made to look like round pink circles, and with black pearls for the eyes and a\the mouth,  You then just decorate as you wish,  I used white marabou which is kind of feathery poofy like material.
 Then you pick papers that go together, and decorate till the cows come home!!
I hope you all like them, and I will post pictures when I finish the 9 or 10 hahaha  Karen♥

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday Sale

Hi Everyone!!  I hope you all have had a great Cyber Monday!! I also just wanted to let you know about a great deal that we have at Stsmpin Up!! Any of the items that you see below are 30% OFF TILL 11:59P.M. TONIGHT!!!!!  I hope you take advantage of these and other great deals going on at Stampin Up!!!  Please feel free to call me @ 502-695-6414  or email me @!  These prices are better than my discount, so you know that I will be placing my order tonight!! While you are there also take a look at all of the items in the clearance section, and the 20%-50% off section!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My new Punch from Stampin Up!!

Hi All,
I recently got my new products for my kit from Stampin Up.  I am still working on my things for the craft fair that I am in at the end of the month.  I have managed to take over at least 4 of the rooms in my house.  I am not kidding, there are boxes, bags, and everything that goes along with crafting, all over the place. I have been able to figure out my problem, and why I make such a mess when I scrap.  I get bored very easily,and I can't just work on one project at a time, so instead of making something, and then cleaning up after, I don't finish that project. Then I take everything out to start the next project, and so on and so on.  So, now that I  have my new toys, (oh sorry, my new supplies for my new company that I am working for to make money to support my "buisness") (Just in case my hubby reads, they are supplies! lol) supplies, I have yet again started a new project!! I got the best punch!! It is an owl, but you can do so much more with it, as you will soon see!!

For the Christmas owl, I took the punch, and punched out everything in red, and everything in white.  I actually punched out a bunch of extra white dots, (the smaller of the 2 sizes on the punch.) I used the red and white (shirts, I don't know what to call it) to do his "clothes" and for the hat, I just freehand cut out the red hat piece, and the extra white dots, and made a hat.

After you punch out another owl, you cut off the feet.
Then you take the paper that you just cut the owl out of, and  it should look like the paper below,
and you slide that end back into the punch, and punch a bunch of this "S" like pieces.  You actually only need 4 per reindeer.

This is what they look like once you cut them.  You then take 2 and glue them to the back of the owl (actually the reindeer) like in the photo below.
After you glue the 2 pieces to the back, you then cut the remaining 2 in half.
After you cut the remaining 2 in half, you glue 1 to each side of the original pieces that you already glued on the back.
Once you do that you can see how your owl now looks like a reindeer!!!
To finish the reindeer, you can use the pieces that are left over from punching out the owl. You just need to punch the extra pieces in white and black, or punch out the white ones and use a marker to color in the eyes.

You can also use those googly eyes, if you like that look better.  Then it is time to pick your nose (haha I didn't get that till just now!! Clearly I don't mean literally!! haha)  I have used just a red circle, or a brown one, and it makes a difference what kind of nose, and where you place it.  Play with it, and see what you like.

The reindeer below, has a pom - pom nose, and the one on the right below, I used red glitter for Rudolf, and basic brown for the other 2.

The next thing that I like to make with this punch, is a penguin.  I know, it sounds weird, but he is really sweet, watch:
 I told ya, Isn't he sweet!!!
 With your Owl punch, punch out Orange, White, and Black.
 From the Orange, you will need the feet, and 1 ear.
 From the Black, you need to cut off the ears, and also punch out a 3/4" circle, and then cut it in half.  I also cut a 1/4" strip out of the middle of the circle to make it skinnier. From the White you need the smaller of the 2 size circles, and the "shirt" piece.
 Take the orange feet, and glue them over the black feet.  Then take the Orange ear, and trim it up for the beak.
 Glue the 2 White circles on either side of the beak.
 Color in the White circles however you like for the pupils of the eyes.
You can add little black marks on the beak for definition, with a little white dot on the eyes.  I have a few more things that I am working on with this punch which is called  the  Owl Builder and is product # 118074  With Whisper White paper #100730, Basic Black #121045, Pumpkin Pie #105117  I hope that you found this at least helpful.  If you have any questions, Please call me or email me, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!!   Karen♥
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