Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hey Girls,
I am in love, I never thought that it would happen, because I have been searching for so long, and have tried some here, and some there, but it just wasn't right.  Then today, it happened, I heard the doorbell ring, and there it was, right on my front steps! I think that you would understand the way I am feeling if I just show you a picture!  Now do you understand?  I have about 15 paper trimmers!  That is how many I have right now, forget the ones that I have given away, or sold.    I can never find one that works as well as the one that I got in my first order from     Stampin Up!! It is almost like the blade glides across the paper, and all the little features that it has, that you would think are no big deal, until you get them,  For instance, there is a little hook, on the cutting and scoring blade, that keeps the plastic on the right side of the blade from bowing, so you get a perfectly straight cut, and the grid is on both sides of the cutting track, for more accuracy, at the end of the extended cutting arm, has a little foot, that you can turn down, so it stabilizes the arm, for a more accurate cut.  There are many more awesome things about this trimmer, if you would like to know more, send me an email at kadris@aol.com, or if you have heard enough, and you are interested in getting one for yourself, you can order one right from my blog, the item number is 126889 I am telling you that if you have had as much trouble as I have had, for many years, give it a try, what is the worst that will happen??  I know that you are gonna love it!! Karen♥

Friday, November 1, 2013

Craft Fair Project

Hi Everyone,
I have been very busy working on projects for the fairs that are coming up.  Since my FIRST Stampin Up order has not come yet, I have made a list with the item numbers from the Current Stampin Up catalog, and if you are interested in getting a catalog, please let me know.  So, this is similar to a project that I made when I was a Girl Scout leader a long time ago, well here it is:

 These are "Pencils" made from Rolo's amd Hersey Kisses

 Here is what you need to make them
 The first thing that I did was tape the Rolo's together, when you get the Rolo's this time of year, you can get them in bags, and they are wrapped in packages of 2.  If you are interested at all in making these, I strongly recommend that you run to all the places that you think might still have Halloween candy left and buy them now, because I don't know if you can get bags of them for Christmas, and then you can only get them in full size rolls which are .75 cents to a dollar each.  Anyway,
 After you tape 2 packs of Rolos together, you use Glue Dot's to attach the Hersey's Kiss  You then cut your yellow paper size 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 and the pinkish (eraser color) to size 1" x 4" , then you take the yellow, and tape it to the Rolo's , then wrap it around and use Sticky Strip to attach the other end.
 You then take your Sticky Strip to attach the silver ribbon where the eraser and the pencil meet.  You know that silver metal thing that holds the eraser on is on a pencil.
Then I made 3, put them in a bag, attached the same yellow color size 4 x 4 with the stapler, attach the black paper to the yellow after I wrote with a White Sharpie pen, or a White Chalk, to make it look lick a chalkboard that has the writing to look like chalk.
 There you have it, I think they are really cute!! I think that they would be a cute thing to get your teacher something different, or for a Teacher to give toi her students, for Christmas, or even to keep in her class, and give them to the kids who get the top score, or was polite, ect.  Anyway, I think that they are just adorable, and you can always personalize them to whomever you are giving to.
Thanks for stopping by, and here is the list of Stampin Up products that you can order:

Glue Dots- #103683                                
Sticky Strip-#104294                                
Snail Adhesive104332                                
Stampin Dimensionals- #104430                    
Cellophane Bags 4x6 #102757
Crushed Curry-Paper (yellow) #131199
Calypso Coral-Paper #122925 (eraser)
1-1/4" Circle Punch #119861

Stock Items- Stapler, White Gel Pen,White Sharpie, or White Chalk Pen, Silver ribbon.
If you are interested in placing an order for any of these items,or anything else,  please stop by, and if you have any questions email me at kadris@aol.com  Thanks, Karen♥

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