Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Can't wait to get started!!

Hi Everyone!!
I hope that you are all well.  Well I just got my first order from Stampin Up!! I was so excited to see that box, coming up the driveway!!! Anyway, it was really just all the forms, catalogs, and stuff like that.  (is it nerdy that it was still exciting) anyway, because Stampin Up had that promotion that you were able to join for $25.00, I didn't get to many items,  However, the bonus that came with signing up was that my first order I could get 30% off my first order, so I went a little crazy!! ( It was more than a little crazy)  Anyway, when the next order comes in, I will absolutely be posting a couple of projects!!  So I was just keeping you all up to date with what has been going on over here in Massachusetts.  I have also been working on all of my projects for the craft fairs I will be doing in Nov. I will have pics soon.  Well, I am off to visit all of your blogs! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that all of the changes to my blog, have been done by my new upline, Norma over at I am sure that a lot of you have seen her beautiful work, and if you have not, then you should go over, and check her out!!


  1. You go girl! I remember once upon a time when I sold Avon how I would get the same way on delivery day. I could not wait to dive into all the boxes. Your blog is looking really nice and I wish you all the best with your new adventure wit Stampin Up!

  2. Thank You Jenny!! I can always count on you as one of my faithful few who will stop by. Sometimes I want to change the name of my blog to!! Thanks so much for the encouragement, it means more than you know!!!

  3. Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by. Yes, it's been a little while and I have been busy, but mostly with life and not so much crafting. I do post weekly for my Die Cuttin' Divas design team post. So I see you have a new venture with Stampin Up, congratulations! That should be fun for you and I wish you lots of sales. I'll be sure to visit you more often.


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