Friday, August 30, 2013

Baseball mini album

Hey All,
Well I have been in the trenches, going through every square inch of my craft room, and I found 2 circle packs of chipboard,  so I was on Pintrest, and I saw a cover of a round album that someone made into a Base ball album, so I thought that was a great idea, so I got out all my scraps, and embellishments that had 1 or 2 things left in the package, and made these two albums.

 This is the cover that I found on Pintrest!
 These pages I made using my scraps on the left from my son's middle school baseball days.  I had this baseball ribbon, and the baseball mitt is leftover from a Jolee's 3D baseball kit, the other page is a baseball stamp set that I have, I just stamped a bunch baseball hat's in red, and then cut them out and glued them in a little circle.
 These 2 pages are just with leftover stuff again, and on the right, I just used a little circle punch, and then drew the red stitching on to look like a bunch of baseballs.
Again, these are also done with leftover scrap's

Finally, just a home run sticker that I cut in half, and 2 baseball bat stickers.  I hope you like it, I will probably put these out for my craft fair that I am doing soon.  On a different note, I am getting things together for a contest, hopefully, soon, keep your eye out for details!! Thanks Karen♥

Friday, August 23, 2013

Light Bulb Projects

Hey Everyone,
While I am thinking of what to do for my giveaways, I thought that I would do some more light bulb projects.  I did not come up with this idea, I don't remember where I saw this, but I do love re using light bulbs that would end up in a trash dump somewhere.  All that is involved with this project, is light bulbs, with twine wrapped around it, and a stem made from pipe cleaners, and a leaf glued to the top.  It is one of those mindless projects that you can do while watching t.v.  I hope you like, and try this yourself, and save the environment just a little bit!  Karen♥

Monday, August 19, 2013


Hey Everyone!! I have been feverishly going through all of my scrap booking supplies, because I have so much, that I can't possibly ever use it all! So, you might ask yourself, "what has this got to do with me?" I can assure you that I am not bragging, or trying to throw this in any ones face! I am however wanting to share my findings with as many of you as I can! I am working on a contest where I will be having fabulous prizes!! I will be getting together 3 groups of giveaways!  I will get back to you soon with details!! I also will be putting together a list of some things that I am selling, if anyone is interested.  I have Peachy Keen stamp sets that are brand new, Tim Holtz products, grunge board, dies, stamps, ect.  I will try to get the list up before the weekend!!  I will post this info, as soon as I figure it all out!  Have a great week all!!!  Karen♥

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More 50th bday album pages

Hey guys, I thought I would show some more pages from the 50th Birthday Album that I mad for my Brother-in Law! I hope you like!!! Karen

 These are pictures of my Great Aunt Nellie, I know some of you have heard me speak of her before, and about how she will not allow her pictures to be taken, and if she finds pictures of herself, well let's just say it would not be good.  So you may ask yourself well Karen, why are you putting them online, let alone taking pictures of her, and I will say that you can get away with a lot when your subject matter is 93!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

More 50th Birthday!!!

These pages were very basic, just to try to catch up, and get this album finished!! I am sure you all know what that feels like!!!

To make the net I used white Magic Mesh, which is self adhesive, and the n I cut the "poles" out of brown cardstock.  It did the trick!!
Hope you like, Karen♥

Great Day at the Beach!!!

Hey guys, I just got back from my sisters beach house, what a beautiful day!!! We had such a great,time!!  There was a sand castle building contest, and it was so much fun!!! You didn't have to actually build a castle, but it was fun!! My team built a sleeping dragon, my nephew and niece tried to build Hogwarts castle, and my other niece and her boyfriend, tried to build a Minion from Dispicable Me.  It was a beautiful day at the Beach, with friends, family great food, (and a couple of really good drinks) haha What a Great day!!! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!! (OH there were ribbons won by all, 2 first place, and a third place!!) I will try and post a picture, I used my new I-Phone, and I am not quite sure how to get them from there to here!!haha  karen♥

Saturday, August 3, 2013

52nd Birthday Album!! Better 2 years late, than never!!!

Hey Guys!!! Wow!!! My summer has been crazy!! I don't know about all of you, but I can't believe where the summer has gone!! I don't want you to think that I have not been crafting, because nothing can be further from the truth!!  I have been feverishly working on my Brother-in-laws 50th birthday album.. Now I know that you are thinking, and yes it is the album that I started 2 years ago?!?! and to that I would sadly reply, YES!! However, now that he has just turned 52, I can Happily, and Excitedly say I am DONE!!!!  So my friends, I would love to share some of my work from the album, I hope you like it!!!   This first picture I used my Cameo to cut the number 50 out, and used the negative space to insert pictures on the inside of the numbers.
This next picture is, of his family and some pictures that they took on their way to Massachusetts from Michigan.  I used paper for most of this album from a pad called The Guy Stack from DCWV.  I really liked this paper, and it was very easy to match the paper with scraps that I already had.
I cut both of the States out of some paper that I found in my stash, I then added, like most of this album, stickers that were also in my stash.  The stamps that I used again from my stash, were basically journaling stamps, which I left blank for him to add his thoughts and feelings of the day.  I did that on most of the album when I thought that there were things that happened, that his feelings and comments would be better coming from his point of you, rather than mine.
This page again is paper from the stack, and I used the Lucky 8 punches from We R Memory Keepers, and the letters were cut from my Cameo.
This page was done using the negative space left over from the We R Memory Keepers Lucky 8 punches from the page before.

This Page I used cardstock from my stash, and a piece of patterned paper from the stack, that I used my Martha Stewart's border punch, and some chipboard letters from my stash.. I don't know if you noticed the theme here (using my stash) I have a huge stash, that I never use.  I have come to the realization that I don't like to use my stash! I mean I buy the things, but I hate to use them.  I like to keep them, and look at them, it makes me happy!! I have to stop, I have so much money invested in my supplies, and sometimes they get wrecked because something gets put on top, and something gets wrinkled, or stained, or whatever, but it has to stop.  I am also having my yearly Yard Sale, and this year, I am going to dig deep, and get rid of things that I don't use, and sell them, make some money, and pay some bills, (and possibly buy new stuff)!! (don't mention that to my hubby)  Anyway, if there is anything that you are looking for, I probably have one, (or 2) I will be putting a list up, but to give yo some ideas, I will be selling Peach Keen stamps, my Cricut Gypsy with Hundreds of cartridges loaded on, stickers, paper, punches, albums, pens, markers, chipboard, stamps, ink, Tim Holtz products, Tons of embellishments, ect.  Feel free to email me with questions, or if there is something that you are looking for, feel free to ask. Well I will add some more pages from the album tomorrow, so I hope you like what you have seen, and I am off to my sisters beach house for a family cookout on the Cape.  Hope you all are having a great summer!!!   karen♥
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