Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Graduation Album

Wow!! I feel like I have been crafting non stop!! Now I know that it makes no sense to any of you, because it has been so long since I have posted anything!! I told you last post that I made small album's  for my daughter Amanda's 3 room mates, and one for her, and went to graduation, and gave the girls all of their albums, which were a big hit, but I realized on the 2 hr ride home, that I forgot to take pictures of the albums before I gave them out!!! Ugggggg Well I guess it is a good thing that I made my daughter one, so I took pictures, and I hope you all like it.  I am a little bummed out, cause they were all different, and truth be told, I kind of skimped on my daughters, because I knew I would have plenty of time to spruce it up at home.  Anyway, I hope you all like it!! Karen♥
 The cover of each album was pretty much the same.  I used a chipboard owl, and covered it with scrapbook papers, googly eyes, and put it on a action wobble, and of course put a glass of wine in its wing!! I also took the name of the college of the website, and put the year of graduation! I left a spot on the cover to put a picture that we took of them in their caps and gowns.

These next few pages were pictures from their Freshman year, through this year, and added journeling spots.

These next couple of pages were different parties, and events that they went to together.
 Some of these pictures were from their community service, they were on Extreme Makeover Home Addition!

 These pictures were some from their Senior semi-formal, and they all looked Beautiful!!
 These were just some more pics of them together, and their College emblem.
 If they had to choose, they would all tell you that the best times that they had were on  Halloween!  They always got dressed up, to give the kids in the city a Halloween that they probably would not have had, if the kids from the college did not have them over, because the kids lived in a section of the city that was just not safe enough to Trick or Treat!  I was always shocked with their costumes, these girls could make an incredible costume, with a little make up and some duct tape!  On the right they are dressed up as Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompa's!! I will post the pic later, it is awesome!!

 Here they are dressed as Skittles!!
 These are just some black and white pic of them, and on each kids album I made a little envelope with cards inside, and had them write something from the heart of each of them about each other!!

This last picture I left blank, for each of them to put a picture of their families.  I am not sure why this picture is side ways, but I will try to fix it later!

On the back, I just wrote each of them a message, it amazed me how much I have fallen in love with all of them, and felt like they are all part of our family.  Thanks for stopping by, and being so patient with me, we are almost done with renovations, and I still have a graduation party to plan! The renovations, however will not be done in time of party, but we will still have the party, even if we have to rent some Porta-Potties!!  Karen♥


  1. Great album. Lots of journaling in there.

  2. This is simply amazing Karen!! No wonder the girls LOVED them!!! And you are awesome for making them!!! A true treasure forever!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this and hope all is well with you!!!
    Take care my friend!

  3. The album came out great! I really love the paper and the placement go the pics! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous album. The hard work and love that you put into it really shows. Hugs, Velma

  5. OMG, love your beautiful album, wonderful keepsakes for all the girls. They're terrific, Karen!

  6. Very nice album you did a great job tfs!!!

  7. Such a beautiful keepsake for the girls! You are such a lovely ladiy to have done all that work for them. I hope they loved them . TFS! Take care and have a great week.


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