Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hey Guys,  I know that I just updated you with all of my crafting that I have been doing, and I am going to post pictures of the albums that I made for my daughter Amanda, and her friends, well actually just 1 album, Amanda's album, cause I forgot to take pictures of the other ones.  I am so angry with myself, who forgets to take pictures of stuff that you have worked on for 2 months?? Anyway I will post the pics, but since I have not taken the pictures yet, I thought that I would show you the progress of our house.  I am sure that not everyone knows that we are remodeling the 1st floor of our home. We are putting hardwood floors throughout the 1st floor, with new doors, painting throughout, and a new bathroom.  I just love how it is coming out, and I would love to share.  I hope you like.                                                                  
These are basically the "before" pictures, we clearly have taken the furniture out, and the piece of wood on the floor inside the vinyl floor is where they ripped out a breakfast bar.

The hardwood that you see in these photos, is what came with the house, and they were unable to match them, so we had to rip them out.  When they pulled out the vinyl floor, we knew that there was 1 floor under the one that we put in, but apparently there were 4 other layers, and when they were done, the floor was 2-1/2" lower!  We put the Granite counter top in a few months ago, and the stainless steel appliances.

these pictures are after the floors were ripped up.

These are the most updated pictures.  I love the color of the new wood, it really feels homey!!  The walls were also painted a warm golden yellow called Honeymoon, (so cute)
 This is where we are now, we are actually at a point that we can move some furniture back in!! The stove is back in also, which means that I have to start cooking dinner again! :(  Oh well, I guess you have to take the good with the bad!  Anyway, I  hope you all like it, and I will post album pics soon! Thanks for looking, Karen♥


  1. Beautiful remodeling project, Karen! Thanks for the update. Hope you're doing well.

  2. How lovely! I often forget to take pics too! Glad to see your progress.


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