Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hey guys, I just wanted to update you on what has been going on with me.  First I want to say that I have missed you all so much!!!  I have been having problems with my hip, and my back, so I finally went to have an X-Ray, and the Dr. called today, and told me that I have arthritis in my left hip, and my lower spine.  I am just so tired of health problems, and especially health problems that no one can fix.  I know that a million people have Arthritis, and I should be thankful that it is nothing more serious, but I was really hoping that it was something that they could fix.  To know that I will have this unbearable pain for the rest of my life, just kind of bums me out.  So as soon as I am out of the funk that I am in, I will be back, and I love all the things that you all have been working on!!! You are all amazing, and I hope to chat with you all real soon!!    Karen♥

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  1. Oh Karen I know just what you are talking about, my hands look like something from a horror movie, really disformed with the arthrities and then my lower back is just been screaming latly! I just take each day as it comes and thank the good Lord that I woke up! LOL! Hope to see you back craftin soon, we miss you.


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