Friday, December 28, 2012

The rest of my Christmas goodies .........

Hi All, I know that you are all shocked by the amount of posting that I have been doing, but if I showed you the sad state of affairs that is my craft room, then you would see that I might be gone for a year or two, just trying to find my crafting table!! Anyway, thees lollipops that I made out of chocolate, I forgot to take pictures of my Santas before I wrapped them in plastic, so the pics are not that great! These Santa lollipops I made by taking a mold, and making colors by combining different colored chocolate's (you know the kind that you get at Michael's, or Joann's.)  Anyway, I started by painting the eyebrows, the beard,mustache,fur on the hat with white chocolate.  Then I took chocolate that I made into a pink color, and I painted the nose, and cheeks. Then I filled in the face with a beige color to fill in the rest of the face. The last part was to color the mouth and hat with red. when that was all done, I filled the rest of the mold with white.  The end result was this:   I am so mad that the pictures that we took, we picked up the Santas that I poured the white chocolate to soon, and the flesh color was not hardened yet, and it ended up pushing the flesh color into the
beard, don't hold that against me, please!!!    

 The Santa in between the 2 trees, is a better example of what it should look like,  unfortunately the only ones that were left to take pictures of were the duds that I brought for the kids to eat, so a bummer, but I will make them again, and remember to take pictures!
 The trees were easy, I just poured the green chocolate into the mold, and then painted on the red balls after the green chocolate had set.

If you look at the Santa on the left, he actually came out pretty good, I just wasn't thinking when I took the pictures.  I hope you like!! karen♥


  1. So very cute! Another great job!

  2. These are so super awesome Karen!
    I am shocked at the amount of postings!! Keep it up girl!!!
    Thanks for sharing and Happy Friday!

  3. So totally cute, Karen! They look so very yummy. What a lovely treat for Christmas. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Have a wonderful a new year!


  4. these are super cute...great job!

    enjoy *~*

  5. OMG! These are super cute! I want chocolate now! LOL! I am so happy to see you posting girl...we all really missed you. Happy New Year!
    Hugs Jenny


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