Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thanks to my sponges

Thank You so much Jenny, I can always count on you to brighten my day, and have kind words to share. Some days I just don't want to even speak, and I know that if I put a post up, I can count on you or one of my other buddies on here to scoop me up off the floor, and out of that big puddle I was wallowing in and wringing  me out!  I do have 2 projects to share with you, I will post them later tonight, or tomorrow, Thanks again Jenny, you are my sponge!! haha Oh I wanted to post a picture from last week!

My best friend Kim surprised me for my Birthday with tickets to see "Buddy" the Cake Boss, at the Providence preforming Arts Center!!! We had a great time, and met Buddy after, and he was so great, and SKINNY, I might add!! He really lost a lot of weight, and he had on skinny jeans, and they were baggy!!! Kim also took me to see the one night showing of the Bon Jovi Movie, and out to dinner!!! She is such a great friend, I hope she feels the same about me!!!    Karen♥


  1. Happy Birthday Karen!!! Hope all is well with is so nice to have such great friends like this!! you are very lucky and I am sure she feels the same about you as you do of her!

  2. Happy Be-lated Birthday my friend! OMG! what a SWEET friend you have and a GREAT surprise!!! Great picture:)

  3. Oh I love him!! And happy belated birthday!! So, I'm curious...what did he do at the show you went to...did he just get up and talk or did he decorate cakes in front of the audience or what?!?! I've always wondered!! Haha!

  4. Hi Amy, He decorated cakes, and he had a camera guy, who was taping everything that he did so you could see it on a big screen. He showed different techniques, and he decorated a cake that he said he could do in 1 minute, and he did it in 35 seconds. It was a xmas tree. He also decorated 1 blind folded in 1min 30 secs. He also did games with the kids, and a family against family challenge. It was a lot of fun!!

  5. How the heck did I miss this post??? I am so sorry to have missed your Birthday! What a bad blogging friend I am LOL! I cannot believe you went to see my sons HERO! wait till I tell him he is going to be oh so jealous! Glad you had a good time, and once again I am so sorry to have missed this post.
    Hugs Jenny

  6. How awesome was that!! So very cool! Lucky girl! You deserve it!!


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