Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hi All, Merry Christmas!
I had a great Christmas, and one of the things that I got, was a new camera.  I didn't think to practice with  before Christmas, so as you will soon see.  I decided to make these cake pops to bring to my sisters for Christmas Eve, and what a project it was.  When you look at videos of people making Cake Pops, you think, I can make those, but I feel like I ran into one problem after another.  first I ran out of white chocolate, then the stores were out of red frosting, and normally I make my own frosting, but I was so busy, that I wanted to buy it, and then the little bit of chocolate that I did have just wouldn't melt, no matter what I did, it was just was gloppy, that is the word that comes to mind, gloppy. So here they are, I think under normal circumstances they would be a lot better, so I hope you like!  Karen♥


  1. Merry Christmas Karen!!!! These turned out AWESOME!!!! WOW I am so very impressed!!! I bet these were a HUGE hit!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing and yes I know they probably took way longer to make than expected but OMG the results from the people who got these must have made it all that much more worth it!

  2. Merry Christmas Karen, I don't know what you are talking about. I think they turned out just fine. They are so stinkin cute! I also saw the chocolate mice on the internet and thought they looked easy to make and would be a quick project. Ha! Ha! was I wron, 5 hours later I finally finished. Mind you I decided to make a tray with three types of rise krispie cheese with fondet and a couple of mice traps. It did turn out really cute but by golly it took me long enough. It was for a gift exchange at my sister, and it was a big hit! I will post a picture of it later so you can see. Hope Santa was good to you, he spoiled me rotten. Just like it should be. Take care and Happy New Years!

  3. Merry Merry Christmas my friend! Yay for getting a new camera. So exciting!!! Your cake pops are just adorable!! Great job. I love them. I have never made them.

    Happy New Year!!


  4. OMG Karen...these are SO CUTE!!!! My daughter made cake pops for the first time this year for a party we all went to. I think by next year she might have the courage to make them look like something besides just cake pops.

    SO what kind of new camera did you get? Did you get a digital SLR?!? I want one of those so bad!!

  5. Hey Amy, I already have a Nikon SLR, but I wanted a smaller camera, to keep in my purse, so I got an Olympus something or other. haha It has a ton of buttons, it take pics in 3D, panoramic, and a gazillion other things. I got it on HSN, so I have a month to play with it, and if I can't figure it out by the end of January, I will probably return it, and get something a little simpler. I will let you know. Thanks for the comment Amy, I love comments!! karen♥

  6. I have yet to try them too and they have all the makers out there. I bet that is the easy part like circuiting huh? It's easy to cut it out but making it come to life is the hard part. You did a fantastic job!!!!

  7. wow, these are amazing..//you did wonderful!

    enjoy *~*


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