Monday, December 31, 2012

I Would Love to Start a Stamp Line

Hello my fellow crafters!!! I hope the New Year will be good to you!  Does anyone have any New Years Resolutions?  I will tell you what mine are, I have never gotten past the first day before, but I hope that this year will be different So here goes, and I hope if you feel that I am cheating, please call me out on it!!  My First one is :

1.  I am going to loose weight! I don't have a choice, I really, really, really NEED to lose weight!
2.  I am going to try to faithfully go into my craftroom everyday, and try to make at least 1 card, anything more would be a bonos
3.  I am going to try to get a stamp line going! I don't even know where to start, but I am going to try! Everyone that has one, is less than thrilled to help anyone (or at least me) figure out how to begin.  I have asked a number of fellow crafters that have started a stamp line within the past few years, if they could just tell me where they found their manufacturer, or what kind of material do they use for their stamps, or just how do I go about just starting!  I am not trying to steal their designs, or take away from what they are doing at all, but I got NOTHING! The thing that kills me, is one of the people that I have asked, is someone that I chatted with pretty frequently, and it is her daughter, who technically has the stamp line, and I think that she is like 12, she was probably younger back then when I was asking about it, amd do you know what she said?? she said (this is the mom) she said that her dad was sick, so she couldn't tell me cause she was so busy taking care of him,  He was not seriously sick, I think he had a cold.  I asked her to get back to me when he was feeling better, and guess what, she never did!! I really don't want to steal someone else' designs, I just need a little help.  I really get depressed, because I always am happy to help someone else out.  Like I met a girl at a scrap booking sale that I had at my house, and she was living with her Aunt, while she and her hubby were saving money to buy a house, so I helped her and gave her some things that I wasn't really using, and quite a bit of stuff, I gave her a Sizzix tower filled with Dies, there were 4 sides, and each side held about maybe 20 dies, unless they were the big ones, then they went all the way through, anyway, I also gave her paper, flowers, everything, and I wanted to, she was sweet, and I wanted to help, and eventually she bought her house, and I was needing one of the dies that I gave her, and I asked her if I could borrow it, and do you know what she said?? Yup, she said NO, I can't remember why, but she said NO.  Then there was another woman, that was looking for jewelry making supplies, and she was talking about her husband was in charge of the money, and she didn't have much, so I showed her what I had, and I sold her about $2000.00 worth of jewelry supplies for $100.00.  I was just trying to help, and on that same day her husband bought a keyboard stand and bench for $10.00 from my 10yr old son.  Do you know that after they put everything in the car, they left without paying my son the $10!!  And they had the nerve to come back the next year and asked if I had any more jewelry supplies for sale, and when I mentioned the money that they owed my son, she said, "Oh my gosh, let me go get it for him" do you want to know what happened? Yup, they got in their car, and sped down the street, over $10 for a child!! Well sorry I have been ranting,  I was just looking for some info from some of the people that I have helped, I have my own ideas, drawings, ect. but people don't want to help you, if they think that it might hurt them, which is farther than the truth of what I want to do. My Lupus has not been very kind to me the past few years, but lately I have been feeling pretty good, so I thought I would get back to it, I have asked some of the girls that have stamp lines, but they don't want to tell me even the name of the manufacturer that they use for the stamps.  I do understand where they are coming from, but I have no intention of copying what they have already done. I would like to do my own drawings, ect.  So I have noticed that the crafters that I have seen so helpful, are a little less helpful when it comes to their own stamp line.
 So I am going to stick to these 3, anytime I make a big list, I usually only read the top 3, so it makes sense to only start with 3.  It is about midnight as I am posting this, and my rational side is telling me to wait till the a.m. when I could read it all the way through, but I am gonna be a risk taker, and hope that I didn't ramble to much, or I will be re-writing this again! Happy New Year! I hope it is a safe and healthy one for you all!      Karen♥


  1. Happy New Year Karen! Sorry to hear such terrible things, don't let how other people behave change who you are! It is not always easier to be the better person, but it is always the right thing to do. I buy lots of used stuff from people in the neighborhood and they always call and ask me to borrow something I bought and I always say of course!! And I add in " what are you doing? Can I help? Are you using glitter?" LOL!
    Anytime I feel as if I been wrong I just say They have to explain their behavior to someone so much greater than me! And I move on!
    Good luck with your resolutions!

  2. Hope you can find the people that can help you very soon and you can fulfill your resolutions.
    Just to encourage you, last year I lost 12 kg (about 26 pounds)and feel so much better, still have to lose more but I am very happy!
    Wishing you the best for the new year!!!!!

  3. Happy New Year my friend!! Wishing you an awesome 2013!! Now do not let these people bring you down! I know you will do GREAT things and look forward to seeing it all!!

  4. Well, Karen, I think you're already meeting one of your New Year's goals by getting into your craft room and blogging! You've been making things and blogging a lot, and I'm proud of you! You go girl!! It's unfortunate that there are people out there that can't return the favor as you've done for them, but guess that's what makes the world go round. Keep your chin up lady, I know you will!! Wish I knew more about making stamps; I think it'd be so cool to have a stamp line!

    1. You and me both Pat!! We could do it together, the Pat and Karen Stamp company!!hahah Sounds good to me!haha Karen♥

  5. Hi Karen, I too was wondering where some of my favorite card bloggers were getting their own line of stamps made. I still don't know the answer to their particular manufacturer(s) but today I did some research determined to find some kind of help. I stumbled on your post along the way and bookmarked it so that I could let you know what I found out. In my own quest, and hopefully to help you on your own venture, I kept digging and found a manufacturing company that two stamp sites use. Bless these stamp sellers for sharing the knowledge about their manufacturer, "Stewart Superior" which can be found here:
    "My Time Made Easy" uses them for their sheets of photopolymer clear stamps. They said this company is "used by all the top companies". Just search on Stewart under the post found here:

    Here is another stamp seller that uses Stewart Superior: - It's a long post so just search on Stewart. "My Sentiments Exactly" or MSE sells stamps on Amazon.

    Hope this helps! I understand your frustration. I did this research because I might want to launch my own line of stamps one day, but it's also satisfying to share the knowledge that others seem to want to keep secret. My blog is a way for me to share things I've learned in my cardmaking so I may write about this soon in case others are looking for a stamp manufacturer! :) ~Vanessa(


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