Friday, December 14, 2012

Glass Bulb and Cording Ornaments

Hey All!! Couldn't sleep last night, so I decided to make some ornaments for my x-mas tree.  These are made of glass ornaments, they can be any size.  You just take the cording, that I get a Michael's and I always wait till after X-mas, because it is a little expensive, but like everything else after X-mas, it is usually 50-sometimes 75% off.  So to make these, rune a bead of Hot glue, around the bulb, but don't put it to far, so it won't get hard on you.  Start at the top, and start wrapping it around the bulb, adding glue as you go. It is very simple, and when you get to the bottom, on this cording, there is two strands of cording, with 1 strand of gold beads that are all twirled together, I cut a little piece of the gold bead off so you can twirl the cording tight to the inside of the coil that will be the end. The only other thing I should tell you, is that these get pretty heavy, so if you have a tree with thin branches, it will pull that branch down. I have found that they work great for filling in holes, or putting them deeper in on the branch than you usually would.  I hope you try it, it is easy and fun, and they even make great gifts, Thanks for looking,  Karen♥

I am not very happy with the ribbon on some of these, so I will probably replace it. I think that the thin ribbon, doesn't really do anything for these, and I think that the thicker stands out a bit more.


  1. Wow! Your ornaments are totally fabulous! What a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration! =)

  2. Hi Dana, Thanks for your great comment! I have been making these for a few years now, but I couldn't remember if I put them on here or not, so I figured I would throw them up here!! Karen♥

  3. These are so gorgeous Karen!! What a GREAT way to decorate those ornaments and embellish the tree! LOVE the beautiful cording you used!! Thanks for sharing these!!
    I wanted to answer your question about the paints also...
    it is a shimmery paint that is gorgeous when used on anything really..
    I have used it on paper, chipboard (one of my favorites) glass, canvas (another fav...I have a project with that tomorrow on my blog)
    Really anything!
    Here is a link with more ideas and tutorials using the should check it out...the paints are VERY reasonable priced and on sale this month :)
    Have a GREAT weekend and so glad to see you posting more again!!

  4. Where do you get all your amazing ideals! These are just so stunning! I would love to see your Christmas tree with all the wonderful ornaments you make, it must be beautiful. TFS!

  5. Actually Jenny, there is nothing on it. There are lights on it, but we don't decorate it till my daughter comes home from college. It is not the same to do it without her, so we wait for her and have a fire, and some cocoa, and all that corny stuff, and then 10 minutes after we are done, there is always an argument, the boys, and my little dream is over!! LOL

  6. I would have never thought to use cording on glass bulbs. What a fabulous idea!


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