Monday, December 17, 2012

Gift Bags for Amanda's Roommates !!!

Hey All, I don't want anyone to have a stroke, but I have another post!!! These are the things that I bought, and made for my daughter, and her roommates.  I made these earrings, Santa, and a Snowman, with  the Santa and snowman from Peachy Keen Stamps.  I stamped them on Shrinky Dinks, and colored them with my Copic Markers.  Then I punched a hole using my Cropodial, from We R Memories.  I then put them on my heat reactant mat, and used my heat gun to shrimk them down.  Then I just attached the earring part and some jump rings to the Santa, and Snowman. These were so much fun to do.  I just colored them while I watched T.V. (That is my favorite craft to do) Anyway, here they are....

Then I asked my hubby to pick me up some full size candy bars, but he thinks that quantity is better, so he brought home a bunch of  bite size candy bars, cause he thought that I was just putting them in a gift bag.  So  I couldn't complain, since he did the grocery shopping, so I had to work with what I had, cause there is no way I was fighting Christmas shopping traffic just to get full size bars!! So anyway, I made these little snowmen wrappers for the "bite size bars"!! So I hope you like them!!!!
So here they are, don't they look like best friends???  I just covered the candy with white cardstock, and used felt to make their hats and scarves.  I used these black half pearls for their eyes, mouth, and buttons.  They were fun, and so easy to make.

So that is it, these are some of the contents of the gift bags, that I made for these girls that I love as if they were my own.  The last picture is the bags that I bought with their initials on them at the Christmas Tree Shop, and if you don't have one of these then you are missing out!! Sorry, there is no way to sugarcoat it!!  So anyway, the bags were $1.99, the xmas scented liquid soaps were $1.00, the candy guys were under $1.00, the earrings I have had the Shrinky Dink sheets, I had, along with the fleece, so they were just about free., and the last thing that I have to put in are Mrs. Prindable Apples, and if you don't know what they are, then, you are TRULY missing out!! They were about $3.00 ea So for a total of $7.00 I made nice little gifts for my girls!! I hope you like them!! Karen♥     


  1. OMG, Karen, everything is so cute! Love your shrinky dink earrings! They're just so adorable and such a neat idea. The girls are very lucky to have you!

  2. Wow , Karen I also love everything but the earrings are just so adorable. I cannot believe you made them, they are better then buying them at the store because you can just see they are filled with love. I guess I am missing out because I have never heard of the Mrs. Prindable Apple...Is it something that you eat?
    Hugs Jenny
    P.S. I did just about have a stroke...whats got into you girl? What ever it is please send it my way. LOL!

  3. OMG back for more.....WOW!!!
    These are adorable Karen!! I know the girls will LOVE it!!!
    Thanks for sharing another GREAT project!!!
    I sent you an email yesterday....hope you got it!!
    Have a GREAT day :)

  4. WOWZERS Karen those earring are fantastic and what a fabulous gift!! OMG! I have the stuff to make those and WOW I can use my heat tool:) I though I had to bake them in the oven like the video from Emma that I saw a while back:) Good to know and I will have to try it out!!! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

    FYI: The Sale-A-Brations starts Jan. 21st where you get a FREE product from the SAB catalog with every $50 order:)

  5. Karen, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  6. How very cute Karen! The earrings are adorable and the candies are too sweet! Love it all!

  7. Nice gift bag collection. I like this design very much.


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