Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Cards

Hey Everyone!! I am assuming that you have all of your cards made, presents bought, tree decorated, cookies made, presents wrapped, just like me!! I wish! Obviously since it is December 16th, and I am just now starting my card making. These cards that I made, are all different, with different paper, colors and techniques.  The first one is dry embossed, and I am not sure that you can see the embossing on the card, but believe me it is there.

I used a brass stencil from Anna Griffin, I love working with stencils, I also like that I can sit on my comfy couch, watch T.V. I know that I can use the brass stencils in my big shop, but it really relaxes me to do it and not have to think, I can just become comatose and emboss away!!

This next one kind of happened by accident. I was on the phone, and was basically playing with my Copic markers, so the image was already embossed, so I placed the brass stencil back on the embossed image, and used a couple different color greens, and filled in the pot with a couple browns. I wished that there wasn't the smudged spots, on the tree, and in the end of the Christmas, but what can you do. I will just send this one to one of my sisters that can't even stay in the lines, while they color! haha  

This one I made with  a product called Textured Magic. It is usually used to make things like brick, stones, ect., but after fooling around with it one day, I heated it with my heat gun, and it puffed up, and dried instantly.  When it dried, it was hard, and it had dimension. It is really fun to play with.  I got it at Michaels, and it comes in a ton of colors.  I did a video on this on my Youtube channel. My Youtube is under karenskrafts1, I would love for you to check it out, and fell free to let me know how you liked or disliked it, I can take it, critique away!!
These next couple were also made with the Textured Magic, and a brass stencil.


  1. Is this really you or did someone take over your blog Karen...LOL! Several post in one week.....OMG :)
    What beautiful CAS Christmas cards!! LOVE the colors and the embossing and that magic stuff sounds like alot of fun :)
    As for all the Christmas preparations done... are you kidding me?? I just finished buying and wrapping my kids presents and still have gifts to buy for the inlaws...But I still have a week :) Cookies are being made this afternoon and Christmas cards....well they are not making it out this year unless I gain about another weeks time!
    Thanks for sharing and have a GREAT Sunday!!

  2. Hey Karen! You are more ahead then me!! I haven't started anything yet, I am waiting for a clone to come and assist me. Your cards are super! Great embossing! You should come and enter these over at Docerela and 3 Girl Jam Challenges! Deets are on my sidebar! Carri~Abusybee

  3. I agree with Jessica, Karen is back! and with such great projects, I think we switched places. I just have lost all my desire to blog anymore. I do have a post going up tomorrow beacause it is my DT post, but it is only because I have to.I have been creating just not putting it on my blog. I get so down at this time of year, always so much to do and I miss my parents so much. Christmas has never been the same since they passed away. But I do have grandkids so I do my very best to make it a special time of year. Anyway take care and I am lookinng forward to seeing what you will post next!.

  4. So pretty Karen. I just love cards. You have done a great job. Anyone is lucky to get one :)

  5. Hello there my friends:) WOW! how fantastic to see you posting:) Your cards are beautiful and OMG! I still have mine to finish!!
    FYI:I didn't get your email:)Chat soon my friend!

  6. I never even got to my cards this year. I am still trying to decide if I should make New Year's Eve cards.

  7. wow you have been one busy lady! Thanks so much for joining the lsp challenge this week. Karen


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