Sunday, December 30, 2012

Altered Candles

Hey Everyone!! I also wanted to share with you a very easy gift to make last minute for a friend, Mother, sister, ect.  I gave my sisters, mother, and my Great Aunt Nellie, the same canvas bags that I gave my daughter Amanda's room mates for Christmas.  I wanted to change what I gave to my sisters, mom, and Aunt, from what I gave Amanda's Room mates, so in these bags. I put an ornament, an atltered bar, and small Altered Bars for each of their children, and Hubby's.  I also made stocking chocolate lollipops with the kids names on them, but I forgot to take a picture of them, and they were eaten before I could even get out my camera! lol I guess I should be happy that they were such a hit with the kids. he other thing besides the ornament (That I will take a picture, and post it soon) was a candle.  I peeled the label off the glass on the candle, and then I took my dimensional paint, and I painted some, and stenciled  some, and then I put my heat gun on the Dimensional paint, and it quickly did it's thing, and puffed right up! I like using technique, because it is fast, and after you hit it with the heat gun, it is dry!  I hope you like, and give it a try for a quick and inexpensive gift.   Karen♥

 These are 2 of the candles that I made, I think the picture is a little blurry, My new camera and I are not getting along yet!
These are 2 more pictures, the bows got a little squished in the gift bags.  I guess if I were a perfect person, I would have fluffed them up a little, but we all know the answer to that! Karen♥


  1. Very crafty idea, Karen! You're so creative. Enjoying all your posts! Thanks for your sweet comments.

  2. These I bet were very appreciated! they turned out awesome Karen!! You are being so crafty....LOVE it!!
    Thanks for sharing another great project and wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!
    Hoping your paints come soon too...can not wait to see what you do with them :)

  3. WOw... this is such a great gift idea, Karen. Thank you for sharing your creativity. Hope you have a wonderful and happy new year. Love & hugs... :)

  4. Perfect just the way they are! I love them!!

    Happy New Year!!



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