Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Water and Pictures Don't Mix!

Hi Everyone, I am writing you in bed.  I pulled a muscle, and I have a muscle spasm, or my muscle is in spasm, frankly I did not really listen to the Dr. I just wanted it to go away!  Anyway, while looking through some pictures, I found some pictures from some of the deepest, darkest, places that I have ever been in.  I had depression after my youngest child.  On top of that we had a fire in our home, and water damage, but my point is, that I came across these pictures, and they are every scrappers worst nightmare!! After a pipe burst in our basement, and we had just moved into this house, and a box of pictures that should never have been down there in the first place.  Anyway, somehow these pictures of my wedding, and others were wrecked, and these are of me trying to save the only pictures that we have of our wedding.  I am making a Scrapper Public Service Announcement:  Never Store Pictures in Your Basement!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Layouts

Hey Everyone!  I hope that everyone had a great Halloween!  Halloween has always been my favorite holiday from making the costumes, to taking a lot, lot of pictures, seeing the kids, how cute they all are, and then there is the candy!!!!! This year was a little sad, my youngest who is 16, did not go trick or treating, I know he is 16, he shouldn't even be letting him go out, but I would get all those older kids come after 8:00, and I never mind, and I actually think that we all know that, they all know that they are pushing the envelope by even going out there, but the way I look at it is that they are considerate enough by going out after the little, little ones go out and are probably in bed, because Halloween is on a school night, and they do put a little effort by putting on some kind of mask, I saw 1 kid that had stapled leaves, yes real ones, onto his green sweatshirt, and went as the Hurricane Sandy!! I thought it was cute!! Anyway, I also think that by giving them some candy it is a couple less kids that could be getting into trouble on that night!! Anyway, he didn't go, and he went to his girlfriends house to give out candy! :(   My daughter is away at college, and my middle son was working, and then went to a friends house! So I was a little sad this year, and I was looking through some pictures, and I thought I would share a couple of layouts I did for Halloween a couple of years ago.

 This first one is a picture of my Amanda at age 1-1/2 ys old. I don't remember if I posted this or not, but I was doing a swap a few months ago, and one of the things that I got in my package, was this Magnolia stamp, which would have been great, just because it is so cute, but if you look at the picture next to it, that is a pic of  Amanda  20 yrs ago, and they are doing the same thing. Now this would have been again great just for those 2 things, but the name of the little girl is Matilda, and Amanda's nickname that we call her is Matilda !!! I think it is Amazing! (and weird) haha   These are pages I did a while ago, and I love the title, the ghost, and the journaling pumpkin, were all from a DVD that I had that was from I think Creating Keepsakes, it was so great, it had all the holidays for journaling, titles, it had everything, but I think that I lended it out to someone, and never got it back, and I miss it so much!! So if any of my friends are reading this, and you have it, I am offering a reward to the person who finds it and it is identified to be the above said DVD!! Anyway I hope you all a great Halloween!! karen♥

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