Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fabulous Skin Care Line!!!

Hey Guys!! I just wanted to share with you some new skin care products that my sister is selling!  I just got through answering some questions to figure out what my skin type is, and what products would be good for me to try.  I will be taking a "before" picture, and an "after" picture, so we can see the difference that the skin care products have made to my face.  My sisters name is Debbie Santosusso, and her info is located below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Karen at, or, or contact her at I have not received my first shipment yet, but I am very excited to.  I do however know how jealous you will all be when I start getting carded every time I go out for a drink!! Just don't blame me cause I will be beautiful!!  haha,  I will be posting a before picture, and some update pictures along the way.  Well guys, thanks for reading, and any help that I can give my sister, who was laid off a few months ago, to help her jump start this new project, that will help her be able to be a stay at home to her 3 beautiful children!!!
Thanks everyone

Friends, bring me your smile lines, sun spots, zits and sensitive skin. I'm now your source for clinically proven skincare from the Dermatologists who created Proactiv -- no prescription necessary! My first 5 Preferred Customers will receive a FREE microdermabrasion treatment! Message me so we can determine what the Drs recommend for your skin.


  1. Heres wishing your sister the best of luck with her new adventure. My grandson had the worst case of zits that we had ever seend. We got him the proactive for Christmas one year and his skin cleared up in no time at all. It really is a darn good product and I highly recommened it to all.
    P.S. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving a comment on my card. It get so discouraging when I work so hard and get so few comments. I know I am being silly but I have been so sick since the middle of Aug and all I have is my scrapbooing to keep me going. I know!!! I am having my own pity party and it is time to smarten up. Anyway enough is enough...have a super great week!

  2. I get the same way Jenny, please when you feel that way, come on over and chat with me. I always get lonely around here!! I know what it is like to work so hard, and you get no comments, and you wait, and wait, and nothing! and then sadly if you offer some candy, they all come out of the wood work!! I will make sure to check in with you later in the week!! smile karen♥


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