Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Catch Up

Hi Everyone!!! I miss you all so much, I can't even explain!! I have been getting ready for my annual Craft Yard sale!!! I have been digging deep this year, and trying to sell things that although I love them, I know that I have no plans to use them in the near future,  You can't imagine how hard that is!!! I put them in the box, and 10 minutes later, I take them back out again!! haha It is very, very, very hard!!!!  I am getting rid of a lot of Peachy Keen stamps, Cricut Cartridges, that I never even opened, but I HAD to have them at the time!!!  I have so much Tim Holtz things, I think that I have started becoming a scrap book supply Hoarder!!! Now, I know that we all have some of that in us, we buy some thing, or even paper, and we love it so much, but we can't use it, because if we use it, it will be gone, so we just hold on to it, even though we could use it on whatever we are working on at the time.  It is crazy, but I am happy to know that it is not just me. Everyone that I talk to laughs and says the same thing!!! So I at least know that I am not the only crazy one, there are a bunch of us out there, I think that someone should start a 1 step program for us, it is a sickness for which there is no pill, nor is there a cure.  It is just something that we just have to deal with , and maybe start a support group, where we can all get together to share our thoughts and stories, and there would be no judgement, or criticism.  Just understanding, and someone to lend a shoulder to cry on!!!  I just want you all to know that I am here if you need to talk, or you need some support.  I will be your sponsor, you can call me when you are in the store, and you can't put down what is in your hand. I will talk you through it, or at least have you buy it, and send it to me, if that will help!! haha,  Anyway, I don't know if anyone is looking for something in particular, but i probably have it, and would be happy to sell it, or should I say that my hubby would be happy to sell it!! haha  Oh well thanks for listening, I feel like we have just had our first support meeting!!! Thanks again,    Karen♥


  1. Hey Karen!! Good luck with your craft yard sale!! I bet you do great!!

    I hope all is well. We miss you too!!


  2. I feel like this post should have an Amen at the end of it! so AMEN! hehehehe! I am so with you and thanks for starting the group : ) Also, so sorry I haven't stopped by in forever, yikes! I am really sorry and I was so excited to see you stop by my page again!

  3. My name is Carri and I am a crafting supply hoarder, Karen what can I buy from you??

    LOL! I would seriously be in trouble if I stumbled across a crafting yardsale!!

  4. I think that you guys should know that I have put things in a box, then I take them out of the box, why do I think that this is going to be a losing battle!!! Carri, you name it, I probably have it, and you can buy it!!! lol karen♥!!!!

  5. The way I look at it Karen is this. If I have space in my craft room, I'm not getting rid of it. Someday, I'll use it!

  6. Hi my name is Velma and I'm a craft supply hoarder. I guess this is the first step now where are the other eleven steps Karen....LOL...
    Thank you for starting the support group. Hugs,


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