Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Auntie Nellie's Christmas Tree

Hi All,
Although it is not even Halloween yet, and I am one of those people that complains when I go to the mall in September and the Christmas decorations are out, I have finished making my first Christmas gift.  Every year I make my Great Aunt Nellie, who is 92 a homemade Christmas gift.  It really makes her so happy when she gets my gift.  (Which also makes me very happy, to see her very happy)  Anyway, I really don't know what she would do, if I bought her a gift, instead of making one.  So, I decided to make her a Rosette Christmas tree!  I used some really pretty Christmas paper from Anna Griffin.  I didn't realize until I was halfway through, that the paper was not double sided, and I had already put in to much work, to start all over, and if it were for anyone under age 90, and could actually see that it wasn't double sided, (or could see at all)  I would have re done the whole thing, but I decided against it.  I then made the star out of a piece of shiny gold paper, and a tooth pick, and I bought a wooden circular disk for the stand, and painted it brown.  Oh, I almost forgot, for the center of the tree, I used a paper towel cardboard center for the middle of the tree.  I covered it with another piece of Anna Griffin's  paper.  So here it is!!!!

The paper sizes are:

Layer 1: Three 4-1/2 inch strips                         Layer 7: Three 2-3/4 x 12 inch strips     
Layer 2: Three 4- 1/4 x 12 inch strips                 Layer 8: Three 2-1/2 x 12 inch strips
Layer 3: Three 3-3/4 x 12 inch strips                  Layer 9: Three 2-1/4 x 12 inch strips
Layer 4: Three 3-1/2 x 12 inch strips                  Layer 10: Two  2 x 12 inch strips
Layer 5: Three 3-1/4 x 12 inch strips                  Layer 11: Two 1-3/4 x 12  inch strips
Layer 6: Three 3 x 12 inch strips                        Layer 12:Two 1-1/2 x 12 inch strips
                                                                       Layer 13: One  1 x 12 inch strips
Star 3/4 star punch
The center pieces are a paper towel center cover with paper,(I also covered with glitter) and cut into 1/2 inch pieces

Score each piece at 1/2 inch mark, glue short edges of each size strips to make 1 long strip, and fold into rosette.  Punch 1" circles and glue to top and bottom of Rosette, except for the 1" strip, and only put circle onto the bottom.  Alternate rosette with circle cut from paper towel tube.

If you have any questions please let me know, I hope you like!!  karen♥

This is the tree, I added red balls, and tiny red,green,and silver little bulbs.


  1. WOW! Karen this is gorgeous and a lot of work huh?? Thank you for all the detailed instructions!! I will have to try it one day:) Have a fantastic day my sweet friend!!

  2. OMG she is going to LOVE this!!! Awesome job with your Christmas tree!!! Thanks for sharing the details and glad to see you have made it into your craft room :)

  3. wow!!! This is beautiful! I was thinking about making one of these this year and I'm so glad you put all the details up because now I'll know how to do it! THank you!!!!

  4. OMG! Karen the tree is jst amazing, but for some reason my old mind cannot figure out how it was made LOL! I think you should hop on the next plane to Canada and come stay with me for a week or two and we can scrap, chat and drink and whip up a couple of these trees. Who knows maybe I could show you a thing or two. But really girl this is just beautiful and your Auntie is going to love it!

  5. Thanks so much Jenny, I would be there in a flash, but I hate the cold weather, so we will have to reschedule in the summer, and there is not a doubt in my mind that you could teach me more than a few things!! karen♥

  6. Thanks so much Jenny, I would be there in a flash, but I hate the cold weather, so we will have to reschedule in the summer, and there is not a doubt in my mind that you could teach me more than a few things!! karen♥

  7. Amazing tree Karen! I'm sure your Aunt Nellie will love it!! thanks for sharing, i might give it a try myself... haha!

  8. Hey Karen, thanks for checking on me. I sent you an email a few days ago, but it may have gone into your spam filter. Anyway, I'm fine, just never get on blogger anymore. Your Aunt Nellie is so lucky to always be getting all these great things you make for her. Hope you're doing well.

  9. Wow, Karen, your tree is amazing. What a wonderful gift. I certainly can't tell the paper isn't double sided.

  10. Karen this is AWESOME!!!!!! What an incredible idea! I wish I could get away with making one of these instead of putting up a huge tree every year! Maybe when I'm 92!!

    I need to find some really great Christmas paper to try this with! Did you use actual paper or did you use cardstock? I just didn't know if paper would hold up under the weight of the tiny ornaments.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked the post on the auction. It was so much fun and definitely for a good cause!!

  11. This is fantastic Karen! I love the colors and I couldn't tell it wasn't double sided paper. I have been looking around for it and maybe I can use what I have on hand???? INGENIUS! LOL

  12. Hey guys, The paper was not card stock, but it also wasn't the flimsy. It was a little thick, just wasn't the really thin kind. Amy, I did like all the info on the auction, what a great cause!! Tami, glad to hear that things are o.k., and I am the only one that disappears around here, so get back to work!!!! karen♥

  13. Gorgeous! The best one I've seen this year. I really love the tine bulbs! =) I hope you have a happy holiday!


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