Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Hey all of my crafty compadre's!!
 I just wanted to say Happy Halloween to all of you, and I expect there to be completed double spread Halloween pages posted first thing in the morning!  I wanted to share a picture of one of my favorite Halloween pictures from when my beautiful children were just the cutest things on the planet, and I would make all of there costumes!!
 This is my now 21 yr old Amanda,  The one in the middle is my now 19yr old Kevin,                                                                         
The one on the left is my beautiful Pooh Bear, Jason, who will be 17 in February!!  The picture on the bottom is me wearing a Cruella Deville, (not sure on that spelling) you know the lady who tries to steal all the little pups!!                              karen♥

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Auntie Nellie's Christmas Tree

Hi All,
Although it is not even Halloween yet, and I am one of those people that complains when I go to the mall in September and the Christmas decorations are out, I have finished making my first Christmas gift.  Every year I make my Great Aunt Nellie, who is 92 a homemade Christmas gift.  It really makes her so happy when she gets my gift.  (Which also makes me very happy, to see her very happy)  Anyway, I really don't know what she would do, if I bought her a gift, instead of making one.  So, I decided to make her a Rosette Christmas tree!  I used some really pretty Christmas paper from Anna Griffin.  I didn't realize until I was halfway through, that the paper was not double sided, and I had already put in to much work, to start all over, and if it were for anyone under age 90, and could actually see that it wasn't double sided, (or could see at all)  I would have re done the whole thing, but I decided against it.  I then made the star out of a piece of shiny gold paper, and a tooth pick, and I bought a wooden circular disk for the stand, and painted it brown.  Oh, I almost forgot, for the center of the tree, I used a paper towel cardboard center for the middle of the tree.  I covered it with another piece of Anna Griffin's  paper.  So here it is!!!!

The paper sizes are:

Layer 1: Three 4-1/2 inch strips                         Layer 7: Three 2-3/4 x 12 inch strips     
Layer 2: Three 4- 1/4 x 12 inch strips                 Layer 8: Three 2-1/2 x 12 inch strips
Layer 3: Three 3-3/4 x 12 inch strips                  Layer 9: Three 2-1/4 x 12 inch strips
Layer 4: Three 3-1/2 x 12 inch strips                  Layer 10: Two  2 x 12 inch strips
Layer 5: Three 3-1/4 x 12 inch strips                  Layer 11: Two 1-3/4 x 12  inch strips
Layer 6: Three 3 x 12 inch strips                        Layer 12:Two 1-1/2 x 12 inch strips
                                                                       Layer 13: One  1 x 12 inch strips
Star 3/4 star punch
The center pieces are a paper towel center cover with paper,(I also covered with glitter) and cut into 1/2 inch pieces

Score each piece at 1/2 inch mark, glue short edges of each size strips to make 1 long strip, and fold into rosette.  Punch 1" circles and glue to top and bottom of Rosette, except for the 1" strip, and only put circle onto the bottom.  Alternate rosette with circle cut from paper towel tube.

If you have any questions please let me know, I hope you like!!  karen♥

This is the tree, I added red balls, and tiny red,green,and silver little bulbs.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sophia Grace and Rosie and Velma at

I don;t know if you all have heard of them, but I can't imagine that you haven't, but Sophia Grace, and her cousin Rosie, are the most adorable little girls from England, who love to sing and dance.  It all began when Sophia Grace's parents put a video on You Tube of them singing, well actually it was Sophia Grace singing, and Rosie kind of mouthing the words and swaying next to her.  I don't think that their parents realized what they had begun by placing that video on You Tube, because what it started was a Firestorm!!!! They have millions of hits on all of their videos, they have been on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, they have met and sung with Nicky Menage, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift,Lady Antebellum,Alicia Keys,Katy Perry, and Adelle just to name a few!! I know that you are all wondering , "Karen, What they heck does this have to do with scrap booking?" well my friends, I was kinda having a sad day, I have been down in the dumps, and I came across some of their videos, and they just made my laugh so hard!!! They have a re-occurring role on Ellen, they sing beautifully, interview the stars with the grace of a seasoned professional, and the sing like angels. Oh I almost forgot, they only wear tutu's mostly pink ones!!  One of my followers Velma, at was having a tough few weeks, so I just wanted to let her know that if she felt like just having a laugh that will probably turn back into a tear or two, just google them on You Tube, and just give yourself permission to giggle! If you all have a minute, stop by Velma's blog, and just say hi! sometimes, that is all we need!    karen♥


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday Card

I just made this quick card for my niece Peyton who's birthday is Saturday.

I used Anna Griffin paper from her MacKenzie line.  The clown was also from that line, and it has layers on the balloon, and the belly.  The other balloons were from a stamp I have had forever.  The Happy Birthday stamp also is one that I had just lying around.  I added a little glitter around the Happy Birthday sentiment, and on the balloons.  I also used an Action Wobble behind the clown. Karen♥

Catch Up

Hi Everyone!!! I miss you all so much, I can't even explain!! I have been getting ready for my annual Craft Yard sale!!! I have been digging deep this year, and trying to sell things that although I love them, I know that I have no plans to use them in the near future,  You can't imagine how hard that is!!! I put them in the box, and 10 minutes later, I take them back out again!! haha It is very, very, very hard!!!!  I am getting rid of a lot of Peachy Keen stamps, Cricut Cartridges, that I never even opened, but I HAD to have them at the time!!!  I have so much Tim Holtz things, I think that I have started becoming a scrap book supply Hoarder!!! Now, I know that we all have some of that in us, we buy some thing, or even paper, and we love it so much, but we can't use it, because if we use it, it will be gone, so we just hold on to it, even though we could use it on whatever we are working on at the time.  It is crazy, but I am happy to know that it is not just me. Everyone that I talk to laughs and says the same thing!!! So I at least know that I am not the only crazy one, there are a bunch of us out there, I think that someone should start a 1 step program for us, it is a sickness for which there is no pill, nor is there a cure.  It is just something that we just have to deal with , and maybe start a support group, where we can all get together to share our thoughts and stories, and there would be no judgement, or criticism.  Just understanding, and someone to lend a shoulder to cry on!!!  I just want you all to know that I am here if you need to talk, or you need some support.  I will be your sponsor, you can call me when you are in the store, and you can't put down what is in your hand. I will talk you through it, or at least have you buy it, and send it to me, if that will help!! haha,  Anyway, I don't know if anyone is looking for something in particular, but i probably have it, and would be happy to sell it, or should I say that my hubby would be happy to sell it!! haha  Oh well thanks for listening, I feel like we have just had our first support meeting!!! Thanks again,    Karen♥

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fabulous Skin Care Line!!!

Hey Guys!! I just wanted to share with you some new skin care products that my sister is selling!  I just got through answering some questions to figure out what my skin type is, and what products would be good for me to try.  I will be taking a "before" picture, and an "after" picture, so we can see the difference that the skin care products have made to my face.  My sisters name is Debbie Santosusso, and her info is located below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Karen at, or, or contact her at I have not received my first shipment yet, but I am very excited to.  I do however know how jealous you will all be when I start getting carded every time I go out for a drink!! Just don't blame me cause I will be beautiful!!  haha,  I will be posting a before picture, and some update pictures along the way.  Well guys, thanks for reading, and any help that I can give my sister, who was laid off a few months ago, to help her jump start this new project, that will help her be able to be a stay at home to her 3 beautiful children!!!
Thanks everyone

Friends, bring me your smile lines, sun spots, zits and sensitive skin. I'm now your source for clinically proven skincare from the Dermatologists who created Proactiv -- no prescription necessary! My first 5 Preferred Customers will receive a FREE microdermabrasion treatment! Message me so we can determine what the Drs recommend for your skin.
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