Monday, September 10, 2012

MIA In Reality Bliss

Hi Everyone!!! I have missed being here so much!! I have been finishing up babysitting for 3 adorable little guys that my daughter was watching over the summer, and the mom needed someone to fill in until the new sitter could start.  So while I was at their house every day, and not being home to craft, I have been trying to keep up on my new Reality T.V, blog  I just love reality shows, so I was happy to take the free time watching as many Reality Shows as I possible could!! We are supposed to be having our new granite counter tops installed this week, and hopefully our new hardwood floors and bathroom, but we have been trying to find a contractor for months, and then we found one, but we got a call telling us not to hire him, cause he is not paying his employees, or his vendors, but the best part was that he has been taking deposits from customers, and then not ever coming back. So we have finally found a new contractor that is trying to squeeze us in this week, so keep your fingers crossed!! I hope you all get a chance to check out my new blog till I can get back to crafting!!! karen♥

1 comment:

  1. Hi Karen!!! Nice to see you pop in every so often....need to do that alittle more!!!!
    Hope your having a GREAT week and I have my fingers crossed for you!!!


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