Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kitchen Update

Hi guys, I am just writing a quick update on today's work!! They put all the granite in today, and I love the granite, but I am getting a little buyers remorse, not on the granite, but the decision to get rid of the island is starting to bum me out!! I wish we moved the island closer to the stove, and then we could have added more  granite to the front with chairs to seat people in front of the island. AGGGGG What do you guys think??
Anyway, here they are


  1. WOW!! It looks awesome Karen! Gorgeous color!!! Love how new counters can change the look! Can not wait to see it all completed!!

  2. Oh Karen you are going to love the granite, it was the best thing I picked when building are house. Your kitchen is looking so nice and can't wait to see the finished project.

  3. WOW! it looks fabulous Karen!! i agree with Jennyplace2 you are going to love the granite!! Have a fab day my friend!

  4. Oh wow, Karen, the granite is beautiful. You'll love the island regardless of the overhang, I'm sure. Glad to see these pix as I couldn't see it in your most recent post. Looks wonderful.


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