Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kitchen Update

Hey Guys,
I thought that I would update you on the progress of the Kitchen, as you can see things look much worse than they did before the new counter tops.  I decided that since the kitchen was a mess anyway, I thought that it would be a good idea to empty and wash and clean out all the drawers, and cabinets.  Well, you know that saying, look what thought did, this is absolutely a case of that.  You can not even imagine how dirty the cabinets, and drawers get under all your things, so it is taking me 10 times longer than anticipated!!! I have a box for expired can goods, a box for donation, a box for trash, and a box for yard sale.  I think that I am going to try and have a regular yard sale, on the same day as my scrap booking yard sale.  Now I know that it sounds like a BIG mistake, but if I get my hubby, and kids to help outside with the regular yard sale, and I do the scrap booking one inside, it might just work. notice the word MIGHT!!!   So back to the kitchen, we were in Lowes picking up something or other, and we have been kind of looking for a new fridge.  I mean kind of, because there is really nothing wrong with our old fridge, but I really wanted a stainless steel one.  So our contractor told us that there were some marked down at the other Lowes the next town over, so we went to look. There was really nothing there, so we just were looking at the new ones, just to see what we were looking at for prices, and we came across one that was my "dream" fridge, it has the 2 drawers, and it was beautiful, but it is WAY out of our price range, but this one was marked way down, by like $1500.00.  So we thought we would just ask for the heck of it, and the guy said that they had just put it out yesterday, because they got it, but they really didn't carry that model, so they just marked it down to get rid of it.  Then he said that if we bought it today, he would let us use the 10% off that they were offering for all the new appliances, but it wasn't supposed to be used on discounted items.  So I got the dream fridge for the price of a basic fridge!!!!  I am now, cleaning clearing,separating,throwing,donating,organizing,re-organizing,stacking,swapping, and every other "ing" that you can think of.  Our contractor can't come back till after the holidays to finish up installing new hardwood in the family room, kitchen, bathroom, diningroom, and living room.  He is also replacing some doors, putting beadboard around the island, and a few other things here and there.  It feels like it is gonna take forever, but maybe when it is done, I just might like this house, after living here for 15 years, that just might be a good thing!! So here is a couple of pictures of where I am today, and I will keep you all updated!  Maybe when I get this all put together, I just might be able to craft a little, and get Christmas gifts started!! karen♥

This is my new fridge, isn't she pretty???

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kitchen Update

Hi guys, I am just writing a quick update on today's work!! They put all the granite in today, and I love the granite, but I am getting a little buyers remorse, not on the granite, but the decision to get rid of the island is starting to bum me out!! I wish we moved the island closer to the stove, and then we could have added more  granite to the front with chairs to seat people in front of the island. AGGGGG What do you guys think??
Anyway, here they are

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kitchen update

Hi guys, I am just sending an update of what has been crimping my scrap booking style!!!

This is the before

 This is the middle, and hopefully we will have the end tomorrow!!  We took out the breakfast bar, because my hubby wanted to, and we felt that when we decide to sell, it might sell better with an area for a kitchen table.  I will post the photo's tomorrow, and you can decide!! (not that it matters what you all think anyway! lol   karen♥

I also wanted to tell you, because it would bug the heck out of me if I didn't know, the white things on the back of the cabinets, are foam dots, that I used to hold up cork board squares and I would hang up the kids projects, pictures, ect.  I totally recommend it . If you have stainless steel appliances, and magnets don't work.  It also makes the back of your cabinets cheerier!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I don't know if anyone has seen this or not, but I just bought it, and I LOVE it!! I will be posting more photo's or a video of how it works, but for now her is what I am talking about, and I am sure that Inkadinkadoo, has a video on You Tube if you can't wait!!! Karen♥

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guilt No More

Hey Y'allI
I just wanted to share a photo of the inside of my garage. Now I know you are all saying,"Karen, Why are you showing us a picture of your garage?", and normally I would say "Guy's, I don't know!) but I am showing you this, because every once and a while, and I mean once in a very rare while, I get these little pangs of guilt because off all the thing's craft related. My hubby is so good about never questioning anything I ever buy.  He always tells me not to even think about it, so after I recently went out in my garage, and saw this.......
Now if he is now going to be one of the lost Sanford and Son's. then the guilt is no more!! Have a great day!!Karen♥

Monday, September 10, 2012

MIA In Reality Bliss

Hi Everyone!!! I have missed being here so much!! I have been finishing up babysitting for 3 adorable little guys that my daughter was watching over the summer, and the mom needed someone to fill in until the new sitter could start.  So while I was at their house every day, and not being home to craft, I have been trying to keep up on my new Reality T.V, blog  I just love reality shows, so I was happy to take the free time watching as many Reality Shows as I possible could!! We are supposed to be having our new granite counter tops installed this week, and hopefully our new hardwood floors and bathroom, but we have been trying to find a contractor for months, and then we found one, but we got a call telling us not to hire him, cause he is not paying his employees, or his vendors, but the best part was that he has been taking deposits from customers, and then not ever coming back. So we have finally found a new contractor that is trying to squeeze us in this week, so keep your fingers crossed!! I hope you all get a chance to check out my new blog till I can get back to crafting!!! karen♥
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