Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Blogger Settings

Hey  Guys, I want to start off by asking if anyone is blog friends with  I was trying to come onto my blog, but I had a warning that said that they had a virus, or something, and that I shouldn't go on!! Well I ran my virus scan, and followed  the directions, and I was fine, but what5 a pain!! Then I was over at, to see what Patty had been up to, and she is having is having a "While the Hubby's away Give Away"  and I was trying to put the info and the link up on my blog, but they re-did everything, so I am more confused than I was before!! So Patty I am sorry, but the intent was there!! I also would like to through this in about Facebook.  How many of you have accidentally changed to this new Timeline thing, which is a nightmare!! I hate it, and I just think that they should let all the other idiots like me that don't want it, get rid of it, and go back where we were happy!  To top all of this, I am getting ready for a challenge, so I went to my old emails, because I had a challenge for anyone that could help me get the linky thing on my blog, would win a Cricut cartridge!  Carri over at helped me through it, and earned herself a new cartridge!! Anyway, I know that I either, printed it out, or wrote the instructions down,  and I can't find them anywhere!! It is so frustrating, not at Carri, (of course) but at myself, because I am so stupid, and I also blame me, because I am so computer illiterate!! It takes me forever to learn something on the computer, and then they change it, it is almost like they are all sitting behind  a big wooden desk, with a projector, and those big silver water dispenser, and they are watching video of me, trying to get all this computer stuff down, and they say lets see Karen a nervous break down!! Well, after thinking about it, There would not be a room full of men with grey hair sitting around with filmstrips, it is most likely a bunch of 18 yr old kids, that just skateboarded into the "office" which probably has a vending machine filled with Vitamin Water, and Gatorade, and then they would all take out there I phones, and 10 minutes later, they have totally ruined my life, and then they skateboard into the night, to go home to their amazing beautiful houses.  I can only hope that one of my kids, will someday be one of those kids, so I can have their numbers on speed dial to come and help me, or be rich enough to hire someone to handle every computer issue that I have!! Hope you all had a great weekend!  I will be having a challenge soon, and I have also taken some of the pages from the Anniversary album that I posted before this post, cause the more I looked at it, I didn't like it, so I will post the revisions soon! karen♥

Friday, May 25, 2012

25th Anniversary Album

Hey guys, I think that I have finished my 25th Anniversary Album that I made for my Hubby, but I might still tweek it here or there!! I hope that you like it.  The products that  used were Prima flowers, misc charms, and some stickers, and papers that I had in my stash.  I also used some Martha Stewarts clay.  I don't know if any of you have tried it yet, but it is great!! if you buy a set, you get some silicone molds, a couple of clay tools, and a big package of white, and 4 small packages of colored clay.  There is also a guide in the package to show you how to mix the colors to make new colors.  Basically you start with some white clay, and then you add tiny pieces to it, to make every color you can imagine.  The best part of the clay is that it air dries, you don't need to bake it, and when it dries, it is so light, it feels like paper!!  I used the clay in this album, on the bow over the wedding bells, and on the next page for the letters Me & You, and on the next page letters to spell LOVE.  I will be doing a video on it soon,  I just love it!!   karen♥

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sympathy Card

Hey Guys, I know that it has been a VERY long time since I actually posted anything to do with crafting, scrapbooking, paper crafting, card making,  cake decorating, or even anything altered!!! Well, I am here to post a card that I made for a friend of mine whose father passed away.  I am also in the middle of taking pictures of the album that I made for my hubby for our 25th anniversary, and I have also been working on some clay embellishments, made with Martha Stewarts air dry clay!! OMG you guys, I just love it!! I can't wait to share them with you.  I am not going to say any more until I post the pictures.  I will however tell you, that my LSS had a yard sale, and you could buy a table and sell your stuff that you no longer use, or want, and it was 3 days long, and after the sale, whatever you sell, ( she can tell who sold what, because everyone who is selling something gets a upc code, so when it is scanned it automatically goes to your acct.) Anyway, so with the code, you don't have to be there the whole weekend, which is great! When it is over, they figure out how much stuff you have sold, and how much money you made, and then the money you make you have to spend it in the store, which is kind of a bummer, cause I sold a lot of stuff, I don't know the exact total that I made yet, cause she hasn't finished totaling things yet, but I definitely sold more than $250.00, and I could use some of that cash for other things, but if they are telling me that I have to spend all my money at my Scrapbooking store, then I am going to have to suffer through it, and spend away!! So gals, if you can think of something that I should buy, let me know.  I am also going to share in my good fortune, and I am having a challenge!!!!  I will post all the details tomorrow, or Friday!!

Now my card, I used K&Co  paper, Bazzill cardstock, the ribbon is from Paper Tray Ink, the flowers are Prima, the punch is Making Memories, and the pearls I had in my stuff.       Thanks karen♥

Monday, May 14, 2012

Silhouette Cameo

Hello all my Crafting Cohorts!!!  I have a problem, and I know that one of you will be able to help me, or knows someone who can help me, or knows someone, who knows someone who can help me, or at least knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who can help me!!! Here is the situation, as some of you know, I recently bought the Silhouette Cameo, because I have heard only wonderful things about it.  What I haven't heard about it, is that you have to be a Nuclear Physicist to use it!!!  Now I pride myself in being able to follow directions, but, first of all the Silhouette Cameo directions are far from directions!! They don't explain how to USE the darn thing!!! I don't know how many of you have the Cameo, or how many of you have the Cameo, and like me, own the Cameo, but just look at it on the shelf.  Now don't get me wrong, it looks very nice on the shelf, but it just seems that by sitting there on the shelf, it is failing to fulfill it's purpose just sitting there looking pretty!!  I have decided that the Cricut was made to be used by kindergartners, and the Cameo, was, well, not!!! The page that you open to find what you want to cut out, or draw, or any of the other things that it does, that I wouldn't know, because, I am NOT a Nuclear Physicist!!! I am wondering if anyone else, or if anyone knows of anyone else, or if anyone knows of anyone, who knows of anyone else who has the Cameo, and not only has the Cameo, but has the Cameo and knows how to use it??? I have gone on You Tube, and there are a few people who have made video's on the Cameo, but I seem to need someone who has made a video on the very basic, basic information on how to use it.  So I ask you my Crafting Cohorts, if any of you have any information on the Cameo, and would love to help me, I would appreciate it, and if you don't, I just might have to have a challenge, and can anyone guess what the candy would be for the winner????  LOL  Thanks all for listening to my latest among many rant's!!!! karen♥

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hi Guys!! Sorry I have been MIA, but I have been so sick!! Now I am cranky, because I am sick of being sick! For example of how sick I am, I got my new Cameo last week, and I haven't even opened the box yet!!! Now that is sick! I also have the album that I made for my hubby for our 25th anniversary to post, but I have been sick and haven't taken the pictures yet.  Have I mentioned that I have been sick?? I hope you are all well, because it is no fun being sick!! I know this, because I am sick!! I am also cranky. There's a combo for ya, sick and cranky!! It's like you don't want to be cranky, but you are, probably because you don't want to be sick, and if you don't want to be sick, you are most likely gonna be cranky! I also haven't told you of my weekend at CKU  in Manchester NH. We had such a great time!! We took 3 classes, and I also have those projects to show you also.  Then there was the shopping!! It was awesome!! Just picture opening the doors to Disney World, but it was all scrapbooking, all the time!!  It was like a sensory overload!! You had to walk around like three times, just to kind of grasp what you were looking at! Then that is when you start buying! I actually was very good in the spending dept.  I bought the Crikits, those pens that you use in your Cameo, or Cricut to write or draw. They actually gave my friend Kim and I a great deal, they let us split a package, we each got 1 pack of pens, the holder, and 1 special swirl pen, for $25 ea.  I think that we got one of the holders free, by accident, but we didn't figure it out till we were paying each other back from shopping, we do this thing every time we go, where we just buy things together, then we can't ever find the receipts, and then we go out for drinks, and try to figure everything out, it never works, but it is fun to try!! Speaking of drinks, after our last class of the day, we went to a sports bar for a burger and some adult beverages!!  A burger sound so good right now, but I can't eat one, because I don't know if I told you or not, but I am sick.  Anyway, we were in this little bar, down the street from the hotel, and we were having some drinks, when all of a sudden, these kids started coming in, now by kids I am referring to College kids, I can call them kids, because of my advanced age, anyway, I am not talking about a couple of kids, I am talking about a hundred or so.  Apparently we chose one of the bars that is on the St, Anselm senior pub crawl!!  The kids are all wearing t-shirts with 6 pub names on them, and I guess they start at the beginning, and have drinks at each pub.  According to the hostess, they do this every year with the graduating class, and as luck would have it, we were there on the same night!! Oh and the hostess came over to us, and asked if we wanted to move to a table on the other side where they were trying to protect innocent pub goers from the crowd.  Now I was slightly insulted, that she would just assume that we were not part of the pub crawlers!! I said, "What makes you think that we are not with them?" and she said, " you are absolutely right, I am sorry, I didn't mean that you were not with them, I just thought that you were with the last years class, and I wasn't sure if you wanted to hang around with these young kids that didn't graduate with you!!" and we accepted her apology, and we took pictures of the kids for them, because  clearly they were in the presence of professional scrapbookers, and you can't get better than that to take your pictures!! Well guys, I can tell that I am rambling, and I don't know if I told you but I have been sick, and I am sure that my fever is controlling the rambling, because I have never just rambled on like this before!!  I will be posting my pictures soon, after I get over being sick, because I have been sick, and I haven't taken them yet.  TTYS    karen♥
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