Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Selling My Cricut Imagine!!

Hi guys, I have decided to sell my Cricut Imagine, and wanted to ask you all to help spread the word!! I am asking $275.00 plus shipping, and I have a few extra's included with the machine.  There are 3 cartridges, they are, Nursery Tails, Imagine More, and Imagine Best Friends!  I also have 2 black cartridges in packages, and 1 color cartridge.  There are also 1 black cartridge, and 1 color cartridge in the machine.  I have all the original paperwork, cords, and the DVD that came with it.  If you know anyone who would be interested I would really appreciate your help in getting the word out.  If you post the info on your blog, and leave me a comment telling me that you did so, I will enter you in a drawing for a New Cricut cartridge!! I will let you know the ones that you can choose from soon, I will update this with the info. ( I could tell you now, but that involves getting up, and going into my craft room, to see which ones that I have, and I am to lazy to do that right now!) Sad but true!!

 I am also selling a Memory Makers Slice with Basic Elements design card with Seasonal Design Shapes, it is an extended card.                                                                             ,
Power Cord, Design Card Booklet,   Blade adjustment wrench, Spatula,
5 Blades with Blade adjustment tool, 3 Embossing tips,
6x6 Glass cutting mat, Embossing Mat,
Repositional adhesive, about 1/2 gone, 3 Slice Drawing tips Red Black,Blue,
Foam Brush, 12 Project cards,
User Manual , Assorted Paper,
Basic Elements Extended Design Card Including Seasons Design, Design Card Booklet,
I am asking $75.00.
Thank you all so much for your help, I am trying to clean up my craft room, and I could also use the cash to help pay for a new wedding band that I bought for my hubby for our 25th anniversary, cause his old one doesn't fit anymore, (I am sure that it is because I am such a fabulous cook!!)
Thanks again, and I will post the cartridges available to win soon!! Karen♥


  1. Hi Karen! Wish I could buy the imagine from you! I am saving for a Cameo! I just sold a bunch of stuff on Craig's List. I'm sure you will sell it!
    I posted it for sale on my sidebar with a link! Good Luck! And Happy Easter!

  2. Hello Karen:) I wanted to stop by and wish a Happy Easter and I'm sure you will sell you Image:) The boo boo on my blocks was the designer paper the should of all been the polka dots on the front:) LOL!! Thank you for stopping by:)

  3. I was going to get the imagine last week, but could not find a good deal and the shipping to Canada wa outragoues! More for the shipping then the machine. If yoiu lived here we have a site called Kijji and cricut stuff sell like hotcakes. Good luck with selling it.

  4. Hi Karen! Hope you had a GREAT Easter!!! I will post this on my sidebar with a link back here. I just sold my cricut and all my cartridges and use my Cameo now exclusively! I LOVE it!!
    Good luck selling this!

  5. Good luck selling it! I have posted to our blog on the sidebar. I will be sure to get the word out!!



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