Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey Guys, I have had some of you email me, and comment that you would like to see some of my newer cakes, I think that I have posted some before, but I thought that I would post them again all together, so thanks for the comments, and here are the new ones!!!

So these are some of my updated cakes, I have a few more, but I hate the way the way that they came out, so you don't get to see them!!  The first cake is one that I did for my niece's baptism, the next is a Yo,Gabba, Gabba cake, for my niece, I have no idea who these are, but that is what she wanted, the next was for my son's baseball team, then my snowman cake, he ended up a little tilted from the car ride, the next was for my daughter, the next is a purse for my great Aunt's 90th birthday, then the Ipod  and dummy book for my dad who actually read manual!! Then we have the Circus cake for someone that I became blog buddies with, the next is a 50th birthday, and I don't have a finished picture, but the rug had fringe on it, then my niece's graduation, the next 2 are Easter cakes, and then a Play Station cake for my son's birthday, the next are just pictures of all the guys that went on some of the cakes, and then there is a white chocolate coffee cup filled with milk chocolate and a milk chocolate spoon, that I made for my daughter and her friends in College for finals week!! I hope you all like them, and thatnks for asking to see them!! karen♥

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My very first cakes!!

Hey guys, Just as promised, here are the cakes from my past. (that sounds so mysterious, doesn't it?  Anyway, I found these pictures, while looking for pictures of my hubby and me, (For all of you younger scrappers, make sure that you, and your hubby, significant other, or partner get in some pictures of just the 2 of you here and there, or when you want one, there is always kids, and dogs in there too!) for the 25th anniversary little album that I am making, and I came across these pictures of some cakes that I did in the late 80's, and early 90's. The first one is for my brother-in-law, for his graduation from college, the second one was for my niece for her 2nd birthday in 1989, and the last one was for my nephew, for his 4th birthday, in 1994. They are not my best work, but I look at it the same way I look at old scrap layouts, with all of the pictures cut into shapes, with all the stickers, ect. We all had to start somewhere!! I hope you like, or that they at least make you chuckle!! karen♥

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Selling My Cricut Imagine!!

Hi guys, I have decided to sell my Cricut Imagine, and wanted to ask you all to help spread the word!! I am asking $275.00 plus shipping, and I have a few extra's included with the machine.  There are 3 cartridges, they are, Nursery Tails, Imagine More, and Imagine Best Friends!  I also have 2 black cartridges in packages, and 1 color cartridge.  There are also 1 black cartridge, and 1 color cartridge in the machine.  I have all the original paperwork, cords, and the DVD that came with it.  If you know anyone who would be interested I would really appreciate your help in getting the word out.  If you post the info on your blog, and leave me a comment telling me that you did so, I will enter you in a drawing for a New Cricut cartridge!! I will let you know the ones that you can choose from soon, I will update this with the info. ( I could tell you now, but that involves getting up, and going into my craft room, to see which ones that I have, and I am to lazy to do that right now!) Sad but true!!

 I am also selling a Memory Makers Slice with Basic Elements design card with Seasonal Design Shapes, it is an extended card.                                                                             ,
Power Cord, Design Card Booklet,   Blade adjustment wrench, Spatula,
5 Blades with Blade adjustment tool, 3 Embossing tips,
6x6 Glass cutting mat, Embossing Mat,
Repositional adhesive, about 1/2 gone, 3 Slice Drawing tips Red Black,Blue,
Foam Brush, 12 Project cards,
User Manual , Assorted Paper,
Basic Elements Extended Design Card Including Seasons Design, Design Card Booklet,
I am asking $75.00.
Thank you all so much for your help, I am trying to clean up my craft room, and I could also use the cash to help pay for a new wedding band that I bought for my hubby for our 25th anniversary, cause his old one doesn't fit anymore, (I am sure that it is because I am such a fabulous cook!!)
Thanks again, and I will post the cartridges available to win soon!! Karen♥

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A couple of quick cards that I made for a funeral, and a thank you!

Here are 2 cards that I quickly made up.  I am so behind on my quick stash that I usually have of cards for different occasions, so this week I am have to get back on track!! This first one I made for my Godfathers wife who died unexpectedly in her sleep the other day.  Thankfully we don't think that she was in any pain.
The base of the card is made with Papertreyink Ocean Tides, and the floral paper is from K Cand Co pad called Classic K Bailey, the brown ribbon, is ribbon that I had in my stash.  I also used my Martha Stewart line punch, I don't know the name of it, sorry.

This next card is a Thank You for my new wonderful Dentist, for making me feel so comfortable during my recent dental work!
I used the same base paper from Paper trey ink Oceans Tide, the patterned paper was also from the K and Co Classic K Bailey, the bow was also from PTI in Simply Chartreuse, and the same Martha Stewart lace punch. I stamped the words Thank You, with a gold Gel pen, and outlined the border with the same Gel pen,and added a few gold pearls around the "Thank You".  I also popped up the sentiments with some foam squares. I did them quick, so I could catch the mailman, I hope you like them.  karen♥
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