Saturday, March 10, 2012

A New Award!!

Hey guys, I just got the Versatile Blogger Award from and I was so excited! Part of receiving the award is that I have to tell  7  things about me. First of all, I blog EVERYTHING about me, I don't think that there is a single thing about me that I haven't already shared with you in my blog, but I will certainly give it a try!
1. I am a mom to 3 Fabulous children, who are growing up way to fast!
2. I married my High School sweetheart, and in April, we will be married 25 years! Clearly I graduated high school at age 10.
3. I have 2 of the sweetest, cutest dogs in the world, Cocoa, a 11yr old Chocolate Lab, and Daisy, a 10yr old Chocolate Beagle!
4. I have been crafting my whole life, but scrap booking for the past 20 years or so.
5. Sometimes I think I am a scrapbook supply collector, rather than a scrapbooker.
6. I absolutely HATE the winter, and as soon as my kids are out of school and on their own, I will be moving to someplace warm all year round! (I have no idea where that is yet, but I am going!)
7.I am sick all the time, I have a couple of different health issues, but when I craft, I feel like all the pain disappears!!

Another part of the award is to pass the award on to 17  bloggers!! Now this is something that I am looking forward to do!
 1 .Jessica @
 2 .Carolanne @
 3. Carri @
 4  Tami @
 5  Norma @
 6  Pat @
 7  Lisa @
 8  Laurie @
 9  Kel @
10 Dawn @
11 Karen @
12 Daryl @
13 Tracy @
14 Patti @
15 An'jenic @
16 Amy @
17 Jenny @
Thanks to all of you for supporting me, and making me smile when I turn on my computer everyday! Now you all need to pick up this award and put it up on your blog, tell us all 7 things about you, and choose 17 bloggers to share this award with!  Karen♥


  1. AWWWW thanks so much Karen!!! I have one I still need to pass thanks again very much!!
    You are a great blogging buddy :)
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. Wow! Thanks Karen. Hope you are doing well.

  3. Congrats on your award Karen and thanks for passing this along to me! So I hear you are moving to AZ??? Sunny all year long... 70's in the winter 110's in the summer! :)

  4. I loved your comment on my blog about finding your FABRIC PAPER!! See, you couldn't resist, could you!? Too funny! I'll fess up to something too. It wasn't easy to work with, but I did it. Maybe the 3rd time's a charm. I need to make a few more things. Let me know when you work with it, I'll give you some tips.--Pat

  5. Hi Karen,
    I saw you post on my blog and wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for this wonderful award. But I’m also so sorry I have posted a comment on your blog. I have been reading; but I haven’t been leaving comments. I did read your post about the Dentist and let me tell a secret I'm afraid of the dentist and when I saw that post I thought nope I’m not going. I told my hubby and he’s making me go. I'm really scared and I know I need at least one tooth pulled. HA :{ But thanks so much for stopping by and giving me this awesome award. AJ

  6. Thank you ma'am, not just for the award, but for your entertaining & almost always hilarious posts. I think it's time for you to do another video tho'. I haven't seen one from you in a while.

  7. Congratulations my friend!! uhhh graduated at 10 huh? LOL!! OK, I believe you Hee hee:) Thank you fo much for passing the award to me!! i agree with Tami VIDEO! VIDEO! VIDEO!! i hope soon:)


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