Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Update time again!!

Well what a few days changes..... I got some of my blood tests back from the doctor, and the news was kinda shocking.  I was told by this doctor that my test results came back for Lupus ready?? Negative!! Yup Negative!! Can you even believe it? for the past 15 years of my life I was told by 2 DR's at the Lahey clinic, which is an amazing hospital that I had lupus, now another doctor that I just saw told me that it was negative. So I ask him"Dr" why would I have been told by 2 different Dr.'s for 15years that I had Lupus, and Fibromyalgia? and he says, Oh you do have Fibromyalgia, you just don't have Lupus. He then tells my that is a verry tricky test, with a lot of false positives. So I say"Dr" would that also mean that there are also false negatives??? No answer So we move on to my back problem to which he says from the xrays that we took, you have Bone Degeneration   on your left hip, a pre Ostyoperosis. So thenm he tells me that he tested my vitamin D levels, and that came back blank, blank? Yes he says you have absolutely no vitamin D in your body. So I am just done with Dr.'s and I will be now be diagnosing myself!! I am going to set up an office if anyone needs me to tell you you have something for  years, and then I will say that you don't. Then this is the part where you pay me all your money!! I am very Disheartened , so if you have something nice to say about anything!! Please do!!


  1. WOW!!! You are having a time with doctors and such huh. Well if you want to diagnose yourself and be in the grave by midnight just go on Web That site can SCARE the healthiest person.
    I go tomorrow for my gestational diabetes test and I am dreading it more than ever..I guess its because it made me so sick with my first pregnancy. So wish me luck!

  2. What in the world?! Doctor's are crazy! I bet you are super frustrated right now, I know I would be! Hope you get some real answers soon!

  3. That is disheartening Karen. You just don't know who you can trust. Hang in there, lady. There's got to be some good doctors out there; just like you found your good dentist.--Pat

  4. Sorry you're having to go thru all this frustration. Don't give up, the answer is out there.

  5. OMG!! how crazy is that Karen!! I sure hope you find a great doctor and I too will pray that you get some accurate answers. Hang in my friend!!


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