Friday, March 9, 2012

Hello My Faithful Followers!

Hey guys, I want you to know that I really mean the title of this post. I was at the fabulous Norma's blog at yesterday, and she had a post that really touched me, as a person, and a blogger who really wants to have a blog that people really love to come to. Norma had posted a story that she had read at Karen's blog, that was about blogs, what we like and don't like about them, and a comment that was made on Karen's blog, that really touched her from Daryl at a wonderful blog called The comment, which you can read over at Norma's, which will bring you to the whole story at Karen's blog, was about how Daryl had 2 blogs for 5 years to which no one, except a very close friend rarely made a comment. She was so disheartened that she actually took 1 of her blogs down, and the shut off the comment part of her blog, so that she would not have to see that no one commented. This hits home for me, because I along with a lot of you, I'm sure, feel the same way. I have almost 300 followers, but I get comments from my WONDERFUL few, probably 7 or so, UNLESS, I have a challenge with some fine "candy" to be won, in that case the commenters come out of the woodwork!! They comment, they become followers, they put their project up (thanks to my fabulous friend Carrie over at who showed me how to add that Linkie thing onto my blog, thanks again Carrie, love ya girl!) and after the challenge is over, and someone has won the "Candy", they all go back into the woodwork again, except my magnificent 7 or so.  This used to bother me, but now, I no longer ask during a challenge that you become a follower, if you want to that is great, and I would love to have you, but if you have become a follower just to win the "candy", then just post your project, and best of luck to you. I did this, because I no longer feel the need to "collect" Followers.  I used to run to my computer first thing every morning, to see how many people commented on my project, or read my funny little story that I wrote the night before, but now what has been the most important thing to me, has been My Magnificent 7 or so that know and remember that I was going to see the doctor and I was worried, and I can turn on my computer and log and find that My Magnificent 7 or so, were already there, asking how it went, telling me that they prayed for me, or I was in their thoughts, but most of all, these girls, My Magnificent 7 or so, that put up with my ridiculously long blogs, or my story that I think is funny, and even if they don't, they say they do, but the best thing is, they come back day after day, and I don't have to give them "candy" they just come! Daryl, if you happen to read this, that is what is important, and you had it all along, with your close friend, that did comment on your blog, That is what you want out of your blog, not the ones that come to get something, the ones that don't want to get something. Sorry about the length of this, but I know that my Magnificent 7 or so, are going to read the whole thing and comment on it, and I know that I will read each and every one of their comments, and then i will go to their blogs, and read theirs, and make my comments, and I hope that they appreciate my comments as much as I do theirs. So Thank You to My Magnificent 7 or so,, Pat@, Tami@, Norma@, Jessica@ Carolanne@, Lisa@ and a few more of you, and you know who you are, Thanks for making my blog all that I want it to be!  Love you all, Karen♥


  1. I just got on blogger and this was at the top of the dashboard. I don't think I've ever been called magnificent before so thank you and I am honored to be a part of your special group.
    P.S. don't bother about coming over to leave a comment, I haven't posted in a couple or 3 weeks, but I will be in a day or two so I hope I'll hear from you then.

  2. Tami!!! I was just typing you an email! I just wanted to make sure you were alright. I noticed that you haven't been on your blog for a couple weeks. We must be connected by our crafting minds! Glad to here you will be back soon, we miss you!! I have no idea why I am writing this on my blog, and not in the email I was going to write, or your blog, but glad you will be back! karen♥

  3. I too use to be the same and thanx to one of my faithful followers Deb I no longer worry about who comments or not. I just do my thing for me. Oh and by the way I gave you the Versatile award. Have a good afternoon!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much and I agree with you 100%. I use to get upset and wonder why I only had maybe one comment on what I thought was a cute project but then I noticed that people I thought had great projects and 10000 of followers only had maybe 10 comments so I guess its not just me. I truly appreciate the few that comment or just stop by once in awhile. I hope you are having a great day!!! Thanks again for the sweet post.

  5. In defense of people like me who don't comment often at all - I do come by and check the blog, but you may be one of hundreds of blog that I try to check every few days - that's a lot of commenting, and many of you have those irritating things that slow us down so much when commenting. I simply don't have time to write much - so I only comment when, yes - there is candy, and also when a project is fantastic or moved me especially. I never sign up to follow unless I want to - as it takes work to check back and see projects. Many times they inspire me to make something similar. Please - PLEASE don't let the lack of comments make you sad. I don't get that many either, but I did the blog for ME and it is what it is!!

  6. My sweet friend you had me tear up reading your post. I truly appreciate you and I do try to visit as much blogger friends as I can after work and sometimes during work shhh just don’t' tell on me LOL!! I would get bothered about no comments or not getting enough comments, but now I just craft because I love or should I say are OBSESSED with card making. I agree with you about the giveaways and I do SU giveaways because I want everyone to share in the excitement of my love for the products and try them out. I don't do it because I want to SELL SELL or get rich, I do have a full time job and so I dot it because I love their stuff. I really and truly appreciate all my customers and LOVE that they do order from me and appreciate them!! I also gain friends from it too which is a plus :) At the end of the day, it's the followers that continue to visit that inspire me to continue to create and share and put a smile on my face with every one of their comments!! I agree with Tami what an honor to be known as the magnificent 7 LOL!! I loved it when I read it:) I will continue to stop by and visit and enjoy your humorous post which always makes me laugh!! Thank you for linking and for visiting Daryl and Karen over at Sew Many Ways. Didn't you just LOVE their blogs! OK, I think I have kept you long enough so we will chat later:)

  7. Oh I can relate to your post! I have been away for a week on vacation and in that time I lost yet another 2 followers. No new comments and it really makes me sad. My blog is my life, I started it when I was very ill and could not do to much because of my lung disease, I am slowly getting better and cherish any comments I get, even when I am in a hop, if the candy isn't want someone likes they don't comment either and then like you say as soon as I draw the winner , I lose a few more. Everyday I tell myself not to let it worry me, but to be honest it does. So I am going to hold my chin up high and continue to do what I love best and that is to scrap book and leave a bit a love on my favorite blogs!
    Hugs Jenny

  8. Haha...okay, funny part first... I just read your whole post and what you were saying about your Magnificent 7 or so, and then at the end, I looked, and you had exactly 7 comments! I giggled!

    I read Karen's original post too and then went to Daryl's site and was so happy to see that she had TONS of comments. I thought that was so awesome of everyone to do that for her! And I hope they keep it up!

    I just wanted to pop over and say thanks for your sweet words on my Smash post! I think if I do it for you, it'll take all the fun out of it...but I'll give you lessons!! Haha! I think you should either go buy a Smash book or make one of your own, and then we can do our pages together...long distance!! Maybe we can set a goal of one a week??

    Amy E.

  9. Karen my dear sweet blogging buddy!! I am totally moved and touched that you consider me one of your Magnificent 7 or so! It is here that I come to laugh and LOVE sharing in your daily funnies!
    I know when I began blogging I did it as an outlet to share my work with whoever wanted to see it....for a while it was just me, myself and I...LOL but when I began to get followers I would too run to the computer to see who came and commented. Sure with over 600 followers I would hope for more comments also but after a year of posting daily I went back to the real reason I began this.....To share my work and if it is the "faithfuls" that come and comment on my blog then it means all that more to me!
    Thanks again for being one of my Magnificent and sharing all you do with us!!!
    Big Blogging Hugs!!!

  10. Awww Karen, I'm so touched. Thank you for counting me in your Magnificent 7! It's true that you can probably count your real blogging buddies on your 10 fingers and maybe include your 10 toes too! But I've met some great people and you know you're one of them, my dear! And isn't it also neat that we all know each other..Like Norma, Carri, Jessica, Tami, and others. Sure I'd like to see my followers grow in numbers, but I know I can count on my true crafty friends to come back again and again, and I will do the same.--Pat N Thanks for the award too Karen. You're a peach!

  11. Woo hoo!!! Thanks so very much for passing this on to me!

  12. PS - I kept this comment short and sweet, but it really means alot to me that you consider me one of your seven!

  13. I use to run to the computer too for the first few months I blogged and became so consumed that other real life stuff fell behind. Today I blog when I can, read and comment when time allows but I no longer am I consumed with the need of it. Fabulous post, thank you.


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