Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hi All!!

Well I just am here for a quick update (now we all know that I do not have the capacity to do quick) but I will give it a shot!! I have all of my knew storage units from IKEA set up, and in my craft room, and it looks so good, as long as you don't turn around, and look at the other side!! haha. They are all empty of course, but I am trying to decide where I should put things, you know, what do I use the most? what is the best set up, I would love to use something, and have it be easy to put it away, and not let things pile up and get out of control!  I was planning to work in there last night, but my baby (in real terms that is my youngest child who is 16) wasn't feeling well, so I sat with him, and then we were up all night, hew was so sick, I felt so bad, there was nothing I could do. The poor guy, was on the toilet, and throwing up in the trash at the same time.  It was awful. I am hoping that he will get some sleep today, and I can get something done. I am also picking out paint colors for my whole house, it is so overwhelming!! If anyone knows of a warm yellow color, that doesn't look so cold on the wall, I don't know if anyone understands that but if you do, and would love to share, that would be great!! Ok, I am ending here, because, this is supposed to be short, remember??  I will be back, I am going through crafting withdrawals so I hope to make something soon!! Karen♥

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  1. Yuck, hate to hear about your son, and just crossing my fingers that you don't catch the bug. Can't wait to see pics of your new storage units.


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