Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hey Everyone, I have an Update!!

Well I just wanted you guys to know, (well the 3 of you that have been here) That I have and appointment on the 15th for my tooth, to hopefully end that nightmare, and I will be seeing 2 new doctors for the lumps that I found. I can't wait till this nightmare is over. I have been checking out your blogs, and there is some really cute stuff going on out there!! I have bee re organizing my craft room, and I am looking at some cabinets that I saw at IKEA, so I hope I can talk my hubby into buying them for me!! Oh I also wanted to share a new tool from We R Memories, it is a punch, but you have to see it, it punches round, and you can mix and match them, and each punch makes 3 different designs!!! The best way for you to msee is to check it out on You Tube, or at HSN, You are gonna LOVE them!!! As soon as I get mine, they shipped yesterday, I will make a project, and post it, I can't wait!! Well I just wanted to update you, I miss you all, and I will be back soon!! Karen♥


  1. Yippee!!!! I am so glad you made the appointment and trust me you will feel tons better when it is all over!
    Remember when you sent me that beautiful birdcage and bird die cut out of the coke can...well I finally used it on a tag....check it out :)
    Ansyways take care and I will be thinking of you!!

  2. Good luck with ur tooth and I look forward to seeing ur new punch system

  3. Hey! I'm so glad you dropped by and left me a message. I would say it's good to hear from you (because it is) but it's not good what your posting. I'm so sorry about the health issues and the tooth. You need to find a dentist that specializes in "sedation dentistry." There are actually dentists that advertise as having this kind of practice and it's especially for people like you. Will be waiting to hear how everything goes- & I know it will be fine!

  4. Hang in there Karen. Glad you're being thorough and seeing the doctors that you need. And getting that tooth taken care of will be one less thing to worry about. Take care and keep us posted. Thinking of you...--Pat

  5. Hey Karen! Stay well my friend! I will be praying for you! Hope to see you crafting soon! Take care! Hugs!


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