Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hey All, I would like to announce the winner of my Fall challenge!!!!   She is ........ A J  from                 
A J  Scrapbooking & Cards  and A.J. has won Cricut Fun Vol 1 from My Pink Stamper!!! (and you know me, there will be a couple of extra goodies in the box)  So A.J. if you could send me your address I will get this out to you!! I will also be sending Carri from her Cricut Cartridge that she won by filling me in on the (Secret) for setting up the Linkie thing.  So Congratulations Girls.  I will try to get those out by Friday!! I will also be making another video, because I got my Cricut Mini Yesterday!!!!! I did do a video yesterday, and I opened the box together with you, and we were all excited, but something happened with the making of it, and when I went to post it was gone and all was lost. :( So we will try again, but it just wont be the same, as the first time, but it will stull be fun!! I can say though, that on T.V. they kept saying that it was light, it is 5lbs, but it REALLY,REALLY is light, it is wonderful!! So I will try to do that later today!! Congrats again to A.J., and Carri!!! Karen♥   I Hope You All Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!


  1. Congratulations to your winners!! ~ Blessings

  2. Congratulations to both winners!

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Carson's Creations

  3. Karen, hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, too!--Pat N.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Karen!

  5. Congrats Carri! Wow Thanks Karen! I was just stopping by to wish You A:

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to You and Your Family!

    And found out I won your challenge. Thanks so much this is a THANKFUL THANKSGVING WEEK!



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