Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crazy Day!! Scroll down for Challenge!

Hi guys, I have been laying kinda low lately, cause I hurt my back, and I am so mad, cause I have so much to do.  Well, you know, stuff to make which doesn't look like a lot, but once you start making the stuff, it's a lot of stuff!!  I haven't started making my Christmas cards, I am supposed to be making an album for my Brother-in Law of his 50th Birthday, which is his Birthday present from me, which was in August, and this is November!! Then like I don't have enough of my own junk to do, I offered to make his mother an album of his birthday, because she couldn't come to his birthday, cause she lives in Michigan, and she was sick. Whew, are ya still with me??  So as you know, I have been making my 92 year old  Great Aunt Nellie, (yes that is her name) my year of tree, and I had October all set, with the Ghosts, till I decided that it was a little lacking of color.  The tree is white, and the ghosts are white, so I decided that it needed a "punch" of color, so in the middle of doing my Christmas ornaments, I am now back to October doing some Jack-O-lantern ornaments!!  I do like the Jack-o-lantern ones, and I think that it does add that little bit of color that it needed.  Oh I forgot about this, last night, my son went to Wendy's to get Frosty's for him and his brother, now i was just about to type on, totally leaving out the fact that I got a Frosty too!! I know, I think that if  I don't put down the fact that I also got one, that there would be no calories. I know, you should of seen when i used to do Weight Watchers, at the end of the week, I would be the one with nothing written in my book, the instructor would start off the meeting every week, with " Hello everyone, I again am sad to report that Karen has withered away again this week, after she had a glass of water at 8am on Sunday followed by a cracker on Friday!  Anyway, I actually had to read this whole thing, because I had no idea what the heck i was talking about! Anyway, the kid at the drive thru, never gave him my debit card back to him, which he didn't bother, or what he calls "forgot" to tell me! By the time I found out, and checked my balance, this person, (who I thing was the kid who worked the take-out-window) had a great time for himself all day today!  He rented 3 movies, went to McDonalds, went to Walmart, caught the 10: 15 showing of Paranormal 3, had a great pizza lunch, and by the amount of the transaction, had lunch with a few friends, got some gas,and a couple of other little things.  Clearly not a crafter, because if it were me, I would clear out Joann's, Michael's, and follow it all up with a trip to my LSS. Anyway, I spent the day on the phone talking with Wendy's managers, District managers, Regional managers, ect. and with my Bank going through each transaction, one at a time, but first i had to spend over an hour punching my phone numbers,social security number, account numbers, ect. with a freakin' COMPUTER, only to then repeat all that info to a real person, after the computer!!!! So after the longest day of my life, and I am sad to say that it is only 5:00!!!!! which leads my to the point of this overly huge Random Rant, OMG, I forgot what the point is of this Overly huge Random Rant, OH yes, I remember, I just finished my little penguin ornament for Nellie's tree of the year, that I got the idea while laying in bed at 3:00a.m. this morning, you know those ideas that if you don't get up and write it down, or in this case draw it down, it will keep you up till you go insane!!  So here it is for any of you that are still alive after reading this, sorry :(  Karen♥         


  1. oh, my god Karen what a day you had! Relax and take easy everything will work out. can't beleive that kid did htat. ugh

  2. wOw Karen! That is really stinky! I hope they catch this guy! Your tree is looking Fabby!

  3. Sooooo cute you did a great job!!!

  4. Only you Karen, only you....bless your heart. Did they fire the little jerk?
    I love these ornaments, especially the penguin. I have GOT to make one! Are you going to have time to do a tutorial? I sure hope so. I'm going to scroll down in case I've missed any other posts 'cause I sure don't want to do that! Talk 'atcha later.


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