Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cricut Mini!!

Hey guys, How many of you saw HSN yesterday?? I totally missed that they had a scrapbooking day, which was a bummer, but I did catch the tail end of it, just in time to see the best part, which was that they had the Cricut mini!! First, I did not know that they were having a Scrapbook day,  which featured the new Cricut mini, which again, I didn't even know that there was a Cricut mini! Did any of you know about it?? Anyway, it was my birthday yesterday, so I said to myself, on my birthday, self, we need to have this, so of course I bought it! It is so cute, and I think that it weighs only about 5lbs, I think that is what they said, anyway, it was their Today's special and it came with some stuff, and $25.00 to spend in the Cricut Craft Room.  I know what you are thinking, "Karen, the Cricut Craft Room is free, why are they giving you $25.00 to spend there?" this is the best part, you can go into the craft room, and for pennies, you can buy a certain die cut, and you can just pick from different cartridges, and buy 1 thing from a cartridge without having to buy the whole cartridge!! I know it is so incredible!! You can also use your regular cartridges, and use the craftroom the regular way!! The best part, is that it is really small and light, to bring to Crops!!! It still cuts like the regular personal Cricut, it cuts,   8-1/2 x 12!! I know, It also comes with things already installed inside! It also cuts everything, and it even cuts felt, which I know that everyone that I have talked to this is the one that will actually do it!  The price last night was $129.00, or 4 payments of like $32.00 !! I don't know how much it is now, but they said that it will not be available on Black Friday, and limited places before Xmas, and if you can find it, i think that it will still be under $200.00.  It also comes with Xmas ornaments to make installed also, but i think that is only if you buy it from HSN.  I can't wait to get it, and try it out. OH OH OH you can also do all the Kerning, and stuff that you can do on your Gypsy!!  I am really excited about the size, it will be really portable.                                                          

Here is a picture, I think that they still have some, and the price is about $159.99 


I would love to know if anyone else, saw it and has any more info, because I only saw the tail end of the show. I will post you all kinds of stuff, actually I will make a video, as soon as I get it into my hot little hands!!! Karen♥


  1. i saw the hsn show on it...its amazing...gotta get one


  2. Looks awesome!! Let us all know how it is :)

  3. Hi Karen, I missed the whole dang thing! But I did see a few announcements on different blogs a few days earlier about the mini. One of them was Joy at Obsessed with Scrapbooking. Can't wait to see your video. I also want to check out the Cricut Craft Room. Have you tried that yet? If you have, let me know what you think. I think it's going to be a lot like Design Studio, but not 100% certain.--Pat N.

  4. First of all....Happy Birthday!!

    I watched the Mini but didnt buy it since I just paid off my E2 purchase from the launch back in April. Cricut Craft Room looks so amazing but my fear is that they will have all types of issues as they seem to have a lot. For example, I tried to get into CCR during the last HSN show and I got errors and couldnt access it. I love my Gypsy and will stick to it!


  5. Dang, I missed your birthday- Happy day anyway! I'm so excited for you for getting the mini and I can't wait for you to let us know all about it. This will warrant a video you know!

  6. OMG!! I missed your Birthday!! Happy Happy Birthday!! I also totally missed the HSN bummer!!! You got yourself a pretty nice present my friend!! I can't wait to see a video with you using it:) Happy Birthday!!
    lots of hugs,

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! I saw it online right when it was showing. I got one!!! I did not get the E2 and I already have an expression so I thought the mini would be perfect since it is small and would not take up as much room as my expression. Can't wait to use it.

  8. I hear ya Sue, I am so excited, I can't wait to use it!! I wish I had a scrappy friend that lived around here to scrap with!! I either have to force one of my sisters to convert from their book clubs, or their Bunco nights, or hold one of my friends at paper cutter point, start crafting with me, or make one of you guys move closer to me, unless someone lives in Florida, or any other awesomely warm climates!! Karen♥

  9. Hey Karen, like you I caught the tail end & I had no idea. I am surprised too because I research lots of stuff for my blog segments like tool time & fabulous friday finds. Sorry I did not get to this one.
    Maybe I will still do a segment on it anyway. It looks great & now I wish I had purchased it. You will have to let me know how you like it when you get it.
    Take care,


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