Friday, October 28, 2011

Hi Gals, here is a Tri Fold Shutter Card!

This is called a Tri fold Shutter card. I made it up really quickly to get it out in the morning for my poor starving college student. The picture on the front(which by the way looks horrible cause our ink is on it's last leg) is my little girl about 18 years ago (I know she technically is not my little girl, but I am taking as much as I can while I can!! In the back of the card that you can see is exactly the same.  The stamp was given to me over at the Scrappyhappiness.ning it run by Drew, and it is a great site.  Anyway she had no idea about my picture when she gave it to me, so I just had to use it with a side by side.  Even the way that their hands are is crazy!! So Thanks again Nancy!! The name of the girl stamp is Tilda, which is a nickname that I gave to my daughter when she was a baby.  It is all just crazy!
  . Anyway I hope you like the card, I made it really fast, so it is not my best work, but she will love it. Mostly because I tucked a little money in there for her. I will be making one of these again, and I will be taking a little more time with it, and I know you will love it, they are really easy to make.  Thanks for looking, Karen♥            


  1. WoW! Karen that is spooky crazy! Adorable photo and stamp! That is very cool!

  2. Wow, that is too weird! Beautiful card, Karen. Bet your daughter will get a real kick out of it! Wonderful job!--Pat

  3. WOW! great job Karen!! and yes, I agree with Pat your daughter will get a kick out of it and WOW how funny that the image and picture are very similar :) CUTE!!

  4. Cool card Karen. Love all your great papers & how well everything works together.


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