Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hi Al!

Well people, I have finished cleaning my craft room!!! YAY!! I just don't understand how it gets so out of control.  I hate when it gets so messy, so you would think that I would make the effort to make sure that it doesn't get to the point that it takes me a solid week, morning till night to clean it.  I am also having my yearly scrapbook yard sale.  Every year, I go through all of my supplies, and if I have not touched it since the last yard sale it goes in to this years yard sale.  So I will post a list of stuff that I am selling with the prices, and if there is anything that you are interested, let me know.  I have a bunch of Cricut cartridges, tools, books, a Slice die cutting machine, my Expression,ect.  I have also be asked to be a guest designer on Jillian Vances' blog I will let you know when it is, and I hope you go and check it out.  Well, I think that is all that I have to share right now, I hope you all have a great long weekend! Karen♥


  1. Can't wait to see what your selling :)

  2. I would love to see what cricut cartridges you have for sale.

  3. Hi Karen! I can relate when it comes to the craft space issue. Hope you are feeling better. Look forward to seeing your list. It's a great idea to get rid of stuff. If only I could bring myself to do it more often in the craft room.
    I am off to catch up some more.

  4. Man, I wish I lived close to you, but thanks for posting a list for us to see of the stuff for sale here. Congratulations on getting your craft room clean. Now where did the buttons end up?

  5. Hey guys, Thanks, and I will post the sale stuff, and the prices soon. Tami, I have finally think that I have got it through my brain that the buttons can not be on those cubes!! HAHAAHA, it only took me forever to pick them all up and separate them back to their own color jars, twice before I have finally decided that the cubes are not the best place to store the heavy jars. I now have them on a shelf that my hubby put up for me. Karen♥


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