Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween,Tree, and Ornaments Oh MY!!

Hi Everyone!! I hope you are all having a great weekend. We here in New England are having our first Noreaster!!! In my area we are supposed to get about 6". Out where my daughter is at school, they are expecting at least 1 FOOT!! Which around here is no big deal except it is only OCTOBER!!! If this is a sign to what is coming, I am gonna start packing up. I hate the cold, and the snow. I guess I don't hate the snow, it is beautiful, the first day, then it is slushy wet cold brown dirty stuff! Oh well back to the fun stuff. I bought this tree on HSN last year and as soon as I saw it, I just new there would be a million things that I could do with it. I decided to give this one to my Great Aunt Nellie. She has always been my mentor when it came to crafting, and she is one of those people who appreciates the work that goes into anything that I make. Anyway, so I told you where the tree came from, and so I guess  should tell you what I did with it.  I made some type of ornaments to go on it for every holiday. The ones in the pictures are ghosts that I made out of light bulbs, tiny glass ornaments in green,orange, black and purple, and then I made bigger glass ornaments with Glitter It glue from Beacon. It is the coolest stuff, for those that have never heard of it, it is a very watery glue, and you take a glass ornament that you get from Michael's, Joann's or your local craft store.  You take the top off the ornament, and then you pour the Glitter it inside, and then let the excess drain out.  Then you pour your glitter inside, and dump out the extra. It is very simple, they look beautiful, and with the glitter on the inside, No Mess!! I will be doing a video, but it is so easy there might not be a need.  The ghosts I make for gifts at this time of year, because they are so cute, and because I am using old light bulbs, I feel like I am doing my part to save the Earth!! haha Anyway, here are some pictures, I hope you like.Karen♥                    


  1. OMG Karen, I love your Halloween tree! So super cute. Those ghost light bulbs are a great idea. You did a terrific job!--Pat

  2. Great job saving the earth Karen!! Adorable!

  3. Hello Karen, OMG!! I LOVE LOVE the ghost ornaments, did you stamp their adorable faces? Love that tree too. You should totally do the video and you can bet I will watch it because I will make some of those ornaments this year!!!

  4. Thanks Pat, I appreciate your kind comments, Carri, After I am done saving the earth, i will move on to bigger and better things, haha, and Norma, the light bulb ghosts, I painted on their faces, but I did see at Michael's that in the paint section like by Donna Dewberry's stuff, there are rub on faces for like a bunny, snowman, and I think that I saw ghosts, but they are really easy, and I am sure that you will do a great job! I was just on your blog last night Norma, then we lost our telephones, and internet with the snow storm, I want to do your ribbon share, I am excited that the internet just came on, and I can go sign up!! Karen♥

  5. this is the cutest tree snow already i would love to have snow....


  6. HI Karen,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment! I love this project. I wonder if I can make something like it for Thanksgiving. Hmmm...better get to the drawing board.


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