Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween,Tree, and Ornaments Oh MY!!

Hi Everyone!! I hope you are all having a great weekend. We here in New England are having our first Noreaster!!! In my area we are supposed to get about 6". Out where my daughter is at school, they are expecting at least 1 FOOT!! Which around here is no big deal except it is only OCTOBER!!! If this is a sign to what is coming, I am gonna start packing up. I hate the cold, and the snow. I guess I don't hate the snow, it is beautiful, the first day, then it is slushy wet cold brown dirty stuff! Oh well back to the fun stuff. I bought this tree on HSN last year and as soon as I saw it, I just new there would be a million things that I could do with it. I decided to give this one to my Great Aunt Nellie. She has always been my mentor when it came to crafting, and she is one of those people who appreciates the work that goes into anything that I make. Anyway, so I told you where the tree came from, and so I guess  should tell you what I did with it.  I made some type of ornaments to go on it for every holiday. The ones in the pictures are ghosts that I made out of light bulbs, tiny glass ornaments in green,orange, black and purple, and then I made bigger glass ornaments with Glitter It glue from Beacon. It is the coolest stuff, for those that have never heard of it, it is a very watery glue, and you take a glass ornament that you get from Michael's, Joann's or your local craft store.  You take the top off the ornament, and then you pour the Glitter it inside, and then let the excess drain out.  Then you pour your glitter inside, and dump out the extra. It is very simple, they look beautiful, and with the glitter on the inside, No Mess!! I will be doing a video, but it is so easy there might not be a need.  The ghosts I make for gifts at this time of year, because they are so cute, and because I am using old light bulbs, I feel like I am doing my part to save the Earth!! haha Anyway, here are some pictures, I hope you like.Karen♥                    

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hi Gals, here is a Tri Fold Shutter Card!

This is called a Tri fold Shutter card. I made it up really quickly to get it out in the morning for my poor starving college student. The picture on the front(which by the way looks horrible cause our ink is on it's last leg) is my little girl about 18 years ago (I know she technically is not my little girl, but I am taking as much as I can while I can!! In the back of the card that you can see is exactly the same.  The stamp was given to me over at the Scrappyhappiness.ning it run by Drew, and it is a great site.  Anyway she had no idea about my picture when she gave it to me, so I just had to use it with a side by side.  Even the way that their hands are is crazy!! So Thanks again Nancy!! The name of the girl stamp is Tilda, which is a nickname that I gave to my daughter when she was a baby.  It is all just crazy!
  . Anyway I hope you like the card, I made it really fast, so it is not my best work, but she will love it. Mostly because I tucked a little money in there for her. I will be making one of these again, and I will be taking a little more time with it, and I know you will love it, they are really easy to make.  Thanks for looking, Karen♥            

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween !!!!

Hi Everyone, First I want to thank you all for your comments about SCAL.  It has given me a lot to think about.  This is a card that I made a couple of nights ago with some stamps from Peachy Keen. I used stamp set PK-637, and colored them in with my Copic markers ( which I am just learning how to use them properly) I am also working on a few more cards, but I can't show you yet, because I am making them for Jilliann at She has asked me to be a guest designer on her blog.  She has her own stamp line, so I am making the cards using her stamps.  I will let you all know when they will be up on her blog.  Karen♥

Sure Cuts Alot

Hey All, Do any of you use Sure cuts alot?  I have been thinking of getting it, because the price of cartridges is so high, and my new friend Amanda (who I am currently stalking, (don't worry,I have her permission) who designs on Cloud 9 designs uses it and loves it. There are a few problems with me getting it. First I do not understand svg files, and anything else that has to do with computers. Second, I thought that I read somewhere that the latest version does not work on the Cricut.  So I am wondering, how many of you guys uses it, and how do you like it?  I would love any info that any of you have.  Please feel free to comment on this, and help me make my decision. Thanks guys, Karen♥

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OK Everyone, Just as Promised!!

The Cricut Cartridges that I have left over from my Sale are::
Give A Hoot                                           .
Birthday cakes                                       
Forever Young                                   
Straight From The Nest                         
Holiday Cakes                                    
Life's A Beach
Elegant Cakes and
Birthday Bash
I also Have a couple of other things, well a lot of other things, but for right now I have A Cinch Machine used only a few times, and a Slice Machine with all kinds of extras, and a brand new still in the box, and never used, Sizzix BIGkick machine. If you are interested in any of these items, or if you are looking for somethig else, email me, or call me at 508-695-6414.  I know I also promised you some pictures of some things that I have been working on, I did not forget, i will get them up as soon as I have a minute!! Thanbks guys for being so supportive of me! I appreciate it so much and love you all, Karen♥

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hey Guy's

Well I had the first day of my scrap yard sale today, and it was a great day!! I met some new friends, and saw some friends that I made last year at my sale!! One friend that I made today is Amanda, and her blog is, and a-prata-design on facebook.  She is a designer on, and she does beautiful work, so go and check her out!! That has to be the best thing about having this yearly sale, meeting such fun and talented people!! I didn't forget you guys, I sold a few Cricut Cartridges, and my Expression, but i will be sure to list the cartridges that I have left for any of you that were interested.  I hope you are all having a great weekend, and I will chat with you on Monday!! Karen♥

Hi Guys, Sorry for Ignoring Y'all

Hey everyone, I am so sorry that I have been among the missing, but I am having my anual scrapbooking suppy yard sale on Saturday, and Sunday.  I have been going through all my junk, (I mean supplies) and bagging, and stacking and pricing, and I am officially exhausted.  As you can tell by by the time of this post that I have been up all night, and I am still so behind!! Well I just wanted to update you guys, I will let you all know what is left over, and see if anyone is interested in anything,  I miss ya, and I have also been working on a few things, so after this weekend, I will post some pics!! Have a great weekend, Karen♥

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey Guys, I want to show you what I have been doing!!

These are pumpkins that I bought, and they were meant to put tea candles in them, but I covered them in paper instead!  It is not really hard, oh, except when you have to put in the last panel, then you are in trouble, because you have nowhere to put your hand in to glue it.  I had to just get over the fact that the last panel will not be as perfect as the first panel. Anyway, I wanted to share them with you.
 These are the way that they come, they are a hard metal, I think that they are iron.

Theses are side by side before and after. They still need some fall flowers glued on the top, and some raffia tied around the stem.  Thanks for looking, and I would love to here what you think!! Thanks, Karen♥

A Quick Post, I am selling my Expression!

Hi Y'all, I am selling my Expression, cause my hubby bought me the Expression 2 for an early birthday present!! Which I love, because by the time November comes around, he will forget that I got this, and I can talk him into getting me a Kindle! haha Anyway, If anyone is interested, I am selling the Expression, 3 packs of Cricut markers, new and still in the packaging, the Sophisticated Collection, the Primary Collection, and the Fashion Collection. I am also including "4" yes 4 brand new and in the packaging Cartridges, they are Straight from the Nest, Give a Hoot, Spring Holiday Cards, and Trim the Tree.  If you already have these cartridges, I have others to choose from.  I am selling all this for $200.00!!! Plus shipping, I don't know what that is yet, but we will figure it out. So if you are interested, or you know someone interested, please email me at, or call me at 508-695-6414    Thanks, Karen♥

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hi Al!

Well people, I have finished cleaning my craft room!!! YAY!! I just don't understand how it gets so out of control.  I hate when it gets so messy, so you would think that I would make the effort to make sure that it doesn't get to the point that it takes me a solid week, morning till night to clean it.  I am also having my yearly scrapbook yard sale.  Every year, I go through all of my supplies, and if I have not touched it since the last yard sale it goes in to this years yard sale.  So I will post a list of stuff that I am selling with the prices, and if there is anything that you are interested, let me know.  I have a bunch of Cricut cartridges, tools, books, a Slice die cutting machine, my Expression,ect.  I have also be asked to be a guest designer on Jillian Vances' blog I will let you know when it is, and I hope you go and check it out.  Well, I think that is all that I have to share right now, I hope you all have a great long weekend! Karen♥
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