Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I AM BACK!!!!!!

O.K. I know that alot of you are saying to yourselves, " Wasn't she back last month?" and you would be right.  It has been 1 crazy thing after another.  I was even thinking wow that lady is a mess!! Then I realized, that is ME!!  So now that my daughters surgery is over, and Thank You all so very much for your thoughts and prayers.  Even though it was an elective surgery, it is still a surgery.  For those of you that did not know, my daughter, Amanda who is 20, had a breast reduction.  She was sadly cursed with my family, or should I say my female family's chest size.  Now I know you might say, "Karen, people have to pay for a plague such as Big Boobs." to which I would say, (I am not going to keep putting the quotes in, o.k.) thanks. Big boobs are great, if they are man made big boobs.  People that have big boobs, will tell you the truth, and that is.... When you are 13 and all of your friends are getting their little training bras, that you don't fit in them, so you have to go to the older teens dept. to get "real" bras that your friends think are cool, but that is because they don't have to go with their mothers to buy them.  When they get a little older and are ready for the teen bras, and you have to go with their mothers to the womans dept. because they don't make your new size in cute lkittle teen bras in like Victoria Secret, they might say that they carry your size, but what they call a "D" at Victorias Secret, is really a size "G", and yes there is a such thing as a "G" in the real world of Big Boobs, sadly.  When you have Big Boobs that are naturally Big, they are not the same as man made Big Boobs. Man made big boobs are not even on the same region of your body as natural Big Boobs.  When you have natural Big Boobs, they start off on your body at the right place, but then at some point, usually around the point where you get pregnant, they start to move south, and end up resting on your thighs, and that is only if you never gain more than 10 pounds at one time in your life. Usually if you ngain more than 10 pounds, you gain it right in the Boobs.  Some people might come to work on Monday and say I ate so much this weekend, I think I gained 10 pounds, and then there are the people with Big Boobs that just come in on Monday and you just see their Boobs and say huh, now she, gained 10 pounds. Because when you have Big Boobs, everybody knows when you eat more than a grape over the weekend.  I had my breast reduction almost 4 years years ago, and it was the the thing that I always wished for, and dreaded at the same time. I was afraid of it, but the thought of it was scary too.  When I found out that Insurance would pay for it, my husband said you should do it, and I made the appt. I was also afraid that people would think that it was a vain thing to do, but if you don't have natural Big Boobs, you have no idea how miserable your life is.  When your friends are all buying their bathing suits, they go to Target, whern you have Big Boobs you go to Target and but the bottoms, and you go to Lane Bryant to buy the top, and that is if they carry it, Lane Bryant usually only go up to a "DDD"  the other sizes you need to buy online.  It really is a sad  thing to watch.  Especially if it is your daughter, and you have to watch the disappointment time and time again. Don't get me started on Prom Dresses. When you finally find a dress that fits, and doesn't look like a Grandmother of the bride dress, you  now have to find some kind of a bra to where underneath, to which you wont find one, so I would have make one, and then pay extra money to have a piece of fabric to close the cleavage in the dress, because she is so un-comfortable whearing it otherwise.  It really is sad to watch. So, now that she has had it, it has only been 3 weeks, but I see a whole new Beautiful Girl emerging. As a mother it is the happiest thing in the world to watch!! I threw her an  "Out With The Old And In With The New Boobs Party"  It was so much fun!! There were,  " Hope you feel better" and  "Congratulations" Balloons, (the guy at the store was confused to say the least) haha   There were cup cakes that were shaped like boobs, and NEW BRAS!!!!  We had an old Bra Burning!!! It was great!!! So with all that said, There is really a reason I call these Random Rants!!! You just never know where they will go, and what I mean when I say you, is me!!!  So this is where I have been, and I do apologize for not being here, but I will tell you guys now, that my Family does, and always will come first, I will do my best to do both, but my Family is first.  So I also want to say Thank You to Heather, she has been so Patient with me during this whole thing, and she also told me that Family always comes first. Heather won the Your Story in my last Challenge, and Heather because you have been so patient, I am going to throw in some extra Candy for you!! I wont tell you what it is, but it will be GREAT!!!!  So thank you guys for letting me rant, and I hope you look at the next person that you see with Big BOOBS with a little bit of empathy, not sympathy, but empathy I feel that now you will feel some compassion for what we, and I feel I am still part of that club, (yes there is a secret card carrying, club, there is even a secret handshake) go through on a daily basis!!


  1. When I was in High School one of my friends had a reduction, and then in college I met another friend who had one. I also inherited the Big Boob gene in my family. After my husband and I have children, I already know that I will be getting a reduction - and he is totally ok with it. I love the party ideas! I hope your daughter is feeling better, and I am sure she is going to be happier (and she can now get those bras with the fun patterns! I will tell you, I AM jealous)! Oh and of course, WELCOME BACK!

  2. Welcome back!! So happy for your daughter...I felt her pain and can say I am happy now also!! Love the party idea! Hope you are back to stay for awhile now :)

  3. Glad to hear your daughter is doing well, Karen. Sounds like it was a very worthwhile surgery.--Pat

  4. Glad to hear everyone is doing well! We're part of the Bog Boob club too. I'm a G and my daughter lost 40 pounds and that brought her down to a DDD. She's been wanting a reduction surgery for years. She plans to have one after she's done having babies.

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  5. Hey guys, I am amazed at how many of us there are!! I am amazed at how many of us felt that we were alone suffering with something that if these young girls knew that they were not the only ones to have this problem they wouldn't feel so bad about themselves. When I was in High School and suffering through this I would have been so happy to know that other girls felt the same way I did. I also thought that I had to wait till after I had my children to have the surgery, because I wanted to be able to breast feed my kids, and I thought if I had the surgery that I would not be able to breast feed, but the exact opposite happened. I was so big that I was unable to nurse, because to feed the baby and be able to have the baby breathe at the same time was impossible. Luckily the girls of today all have the internet to get the information that was unavailable to me when I was young. Thanks guys for sharing all your stories. Thanks for the emails also. Karen♥

  6. I am so happy your daughter is feeling better. My best friend in High School was VERY blessed. As she got older she started having back problems and finally had a breast reduction after we graduated. I was so happy for her and she felt so much better. Now that my daughter is starting to blossom I am praying that she isn't as blessed as I was. I will let you know when I receive my candy. Thanks so much. I am glad all is well!!


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