Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making flowers with red line tape instead of gluebers

Hey All, My Blog is working again!!!!

Hi Everyone!! My computer has been broken, and then when I got it back, the new post button was gone from my blog.  I have been lost without you all!! I tried logging on with a different browser, and this seems to have fixed the problem, unless this doesn't post, and then I will be talking to myself.  Actually technically I am talking to myself anyway.   It is not as if I am actually talking to anyone, but imagine if blogs were live, and we could all chat together, all day, and we can neglect our children, housework, paying bills ect. I guess that might be a little overboard, but it would be fun.  I would like to catch you all up on blog news, and the winner of the blog candy (Give a Hoot Cricut Cartridge)  I apologize for the wait, bit the winner is Sue from CT.  I have left her a message on her blog, but CONGRATULATION'S Sue, and as soon as you email me your address, I will ship it out to you asap!!!! I have a couple of videos to put up on my blog, and now that it works, that might work out.  So Congrats again to Sue!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday Card, with Honey Pop

Here is one of the projects that I couldn't get up over the weekend!!!
I hope you all enjoy!!!  Karen♥

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hi Guys, Sorry for not being here.

Hi everyone, I am so sorry that I have been awol.  We have been dealing with some issues with my son, and that has taken every once of energy that I have.  Things are still not perfect, but getting better.  I also want to apologize for not having any projects up for the Blog hop.  We also have been busy with my parents 50th Anniversary.  We are taking them on a surprise luncheon cruise around Boston Harbor, and my sister is here from VA with her husband and 3 little girls, and they are staying with my parents.  We also finally got all 16 grandchildren together to take a family portrait for my parents.  Now if anyone is looking for a challenge, Try to get 16 kids with ages that range from 18 months to 23 years, together in the first place, when 2 kids go to College in 2 different States, and 1 is out of college, and working, and 2 more are in College, in this state but 1 of the Colleges was hit by a tornado ( come on people, you know me by now, and if Massachusetts is going to have a tornado in this Century, you know that it hit the 1 College that my daughter goes to!! ) and 4 are in high school, and have jobs, and the ones in between, have hockey, baseball, and dance.and 3 that live out of state in VA are here, but they are staying with my parents, and they are at the age when they like to talk and they were so excited about the pictures that we took,  so we had to almost perform one of those hypnosis acts to erase it from their memory, so they would not bring up the subject at my parents house!!  Then with the whole cruise coming up, and trying not to let it slip with 3 days to go!! We are so hoping that they are going to like the cruise, because my parents are, how should I say, I will use the word weird.  My dad is so dependent of my mom, to the point that we keep threatening my mom, that if she dies before my dad, we won't visit her grave, and we will let the weeds grow all over the place!! (kidding) My father is a Mechanical Engineer, and he is very particular, and everything has to be done his way, but on the other hand, he is clueless, we were at  a cookout, and he is getting a hamburger, his next words are "JuJu, which is what he calls her, (her name is Judy) anyway, he will stand there and ask my mom, "JuJu, what do I like on my hamburger" who does that???? If we go out for the day, my mother will leave a can of soup, with the can opener, the measured amount of water, with the pan, and a bowl , right down to the spoon out on the counter!! I know, it shocks us too!! The man is an Engineer for god sakes, he can design parts for any kind of machine on the planet, but he cannot make a can of soup!!! By now I can see you all agreeing with my sisters and I about the don't die before dad pact that we have with my mother. Now my mother is a whole different disaster waiting to happen.  My mother is great, and my dad also (if I failed to mention that before) anyway, she is great, but having a conversation with her is totally impossible.  She has this way of half listening, this is where she will give the uh hu's in the right places, but she totally doesn't listen.  She has asks my daughter  (who is going to be a junior in college) ,every time that she sees her, "What is your major" and my daughter will tell her, and this information quickly goes in one ear and out the other.  This is how I learned what that phrase actually meant, some people have heard that phrase before, but never have actually witnessed it in action, but while I was growing up, I did witness it, because my mom is a pro, and for that I feel very lucky!! My mother, also has this thing, if she has a drink, and you ask her for a sip, she then proclaims that if someone drinks out of her glass, are you ready for this, if someone drinks out of her glass and then she drinks out of it, Her Lips Will Burn!! I know, I don't get it, but the weirdest part is that she even says that if my Father does it, now this is the man that she had 5 yes 5 children with!! Don't even try to figure it out!!  So as you can see, I have been extremely busy, but I have not forgotten you guys.  Since I missed the blog hop, I will be giving  away a Cricut cartridge, and another gift.  Please become a follower, and leave a comment, and I will pick a winner next week.  Also if you could visit the host Jillian at www.Princessandthepaper.blogspot.com  I felt so bad for dropping out of the blog hop! I will be back on Monday, to tell you all about the Cruise, and I should have 2 new videos!!! Thanks again for all of you who emailed me to check on me :)  Karen♥  The picture at the top, is my favorite out of all the ones taken that day, it reminded me that we were all stressing way to much over something that was supposed to be fun!! This is the picture that I took, and it is the one that will be going on my wall, cause it shows all the kids as they are!! I think that I might frame and wrap that one and tell my parents that this is the best one that the photographer took!!  We have got to take the time torture our parents when we can!!! Thanks to all of you that emailed me, or left a comment, wondering if I was o.k. You know I would never leave you guys, where else is anyone going to let me rant to keep myself amused!! Karen♥
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