Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hey Guys, I am in another Blog Hop!!!!

Hey guys, I am doing another Blog Hop!! It is going to be on June 10th through the 13th.  There will be 3 different projects, per blog, so that means that on my blog there will be 3 chances to win some blog candy!!! I don't know if the other blogs will be offering the same, but what I do know is that it will be a lot of fun!!

Here is the list of the bloggers that are participating:
So I hope you will join in, and at least get a chance to win some Fabulous CANDY!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

BFF Blogger Award!!

 Hi All, I just popped on my blog after a really not so good weekend, and what was there waiting for me, 2 yes 2 Blogger awards!! The first one is from Libby, at, and that was for the Cricut-tastic award, and the other is the Best Friend Blogger Award. from Gina at Please go and check out their blogs, they are awesome!! So here they are, with some of the blogs that I love to check out and comment on, which is what we really all love to read!!!

Your Blog has been deemed Cricut-tastic! Wear this Badge proudly on your Blog and share it with friends! Since Cricut is 5 years old and they have an E2 out, share this award with 10 people that you think have Cricut-tastic Blogs! You also have to tell 5 Cricut Related things about yourself.

So, here are 5 Cricut-tastic things about me:
1. I NEVER pay more than $25.00 for a Cartridge.
2. I have been scrapbooking for 20 yrs, and yes I know how old that makes me sound, but what I didn't tell you was I started scrapping when I was 2.
3. I am the messiest scrapper known to Man, but not known to fellow Woman!!
4. I HATE the cold weather, and despise snow, and if it were up to me, I would be in Florida, California, ect. you can fill in your state, as long as I don't have wear anything more than a sweater.
5. Next April, I will have been happily married for 25 years!! Again like the length of time that I have been scrapping, I got married at age 2.
6. I suffer from Lupus, Fribromyalgia, and Colitis.
7. I have 3 beautiful children
8. I also have 2 dogs
9, I am the middle child of 5 girls.
10. I love writing, (thanks for all of you that do read my Random Rants)
11. I don't deserve the credit that I get for the things that I make.
12 I am out of things about me, sorry!!
I am combining the things about me for both awards, cause frankly, I am boring!!
The second award that I got from Gina, the BFB award!  Here are the bloggers that I have chosen for the Cricut-tastic award:
1. Janet at
2. Diane at
3. Michele at
 5. Carol at
6. Snoopy'

The rules for receiving both of these awards are to post this on your blog, link back to the sender and thank them.  Then pass it on to those you visit regularly.
The people I have chosen for the BFB Award are:
1. Norma at
2. Laurie,Kel,and Dawn, at
3.  Libby at
4. Jessica at
5. Carri at
6. Tracy at
7. Tami at
8.Jen at
9. Ashly at
10. Tammy at

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Today I am writing for all of us poor mothers that have a child coming home for the summer from college.  Don't  get me wrong, I have been waiting for this since Easter!  However, while I was waiting for my daughter, Mandy  to come from school, I have been chatting on the phone with her about what we will be doing this summer together, what movies we will watch, what good books we will read, and the ever popular diet we will once again start as soon as we eat everything that we won't be eating while we are on our diet, the Chinese food, Ice Cream, Chocolate, French Fries, ect.  All the phone calls that we have been making texting that we have been doing, about how I can't wait for her to come home to even out the Testosterone levels in the house, how she left me with the "boys" my husband, sons Kevin, and Jason.  The gross jokes, that only boys seem to understand,  the shaking of my walls from my son Kevin, blasting that god awful music, that he raises the bass so high that my potatoes that I was cooking the other night for dinner, mashed themselves. The walls that shake so violently that the pictures fly off the walls, ect.  What I forgot about while I was having these wonderful chats with my daughter, that were full of sunshine and roses, was all the crap that would be following her home. The posters, the bags and bags, and bags of stuff that she somehow was able to accumulate in just 8 months!! I mean how did I forget that??  What we managed to take to school in one car has taken 2 cars to come home!!  Let's not forget that once it comes home, we have to find somewhere to put it, and when I say we, I mean me! She has no problem just dropping it where it lands.  Actually, it doesn't even have to land anywhere, one of the cars is still filled with junk, she felt it only necessary to unload the car just enough to see out the back window!  I mean why take it out of the car if you can still fit a friend or two, it is all a matter of need, and want.  She doesn't NEED what is in the car, and I WANT it out!  Although, that then brings up the problem of where will all this junk go?  I mean, where will we put it all?  There is only so much space in my house.  The amount of stuff that she brought home, is actually going to require an addition to our home! We just don't have the square footage to hold all this junk, and it isn't just a matter of finding somewhere to keep it till August when she goes back to school, because all that junk, or as she calls it "Amazing college memories, that will last a lifetime, and she will treasure forever!"  FOREVER! she says, well ladies, I can't handle forever.  Forever is a very, very, long time, and forever times 4 years, multiplied by 2 more kids and 4 years for each of them, is, is, well I don't know what it is, but hopefully that will be something that she will learn when she goes back to school! If I get nothing else out of all of these treasured memories, I get my baby girl home for 3 more months, before she will be off, back to school to make all of those new treasured memories, and I will have her for the next 3 months to make our own!! Have a Wonderful Mothers Day!! Karen♥

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ribbon Flowers!

Hi Everyone, I wanted to show you some flowers that I have been making for a swap that I entered over at the ScrappyHappiness.ning site, you all should come over and check it out, it is hosted by the most brilliant 15 year old boy that I have ever met! He is an instructor for Prima Flowers, and has live Prima classes over on Ustream. He is really amazing!!  There is also a live chat 24hrs a day, there are swaps, challenges, a wish list that you buy for someone and someone buys for you, and who doesn't like presents!! Anyway I hope you check it out, cause I made some really wonderful friends.  Anyway, here are some of the flowers that I have made.  I will be doing a tutorial on some of them, but they are all pretty easy to make!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello Fellow Bloggerer's!!!!

Hi guys!  I hope all of you had a great weekend!  So I last left you in high spirits heading off to CKU in Manchester NH!! I was going with my friend Kim, and we were going to meet up with Laurie, Kel, and Dawn from  I have mentioned them before, we all live in MA, but have never met.  One day we were chatting, and we found out that we were all going to CKU, and we were going to plan to meet, and maybe have lunch!! Ok, So that was what was supposed to happen, and if it were anyone else but me, it sounds like a perfect plan!!  O.K. deep breathe.  My friend Kim and I go way back in scrapper land, we have been scrapping together for about 18 yrs.  We have gone to various overnight crops, weekend crops, all day crops, ect. Now here is a tip for all of you!  If you are a hardcore scrapper, then this probably does not apply, but every time that we go to a crop for longer than 3 hours, (and that means like a class crop, not a crop that you have to be responsible for your own behavior crop)  we don 't seem to get anything done.  There was the CKU that we went to a few years ago, and I think that we ended up in the Jacuzzi after a few drinks.  I am sure that we attended our classes, but the crop that was supposed to be the crop all night, we did go for a while, but I think that we ended up in the Jacuzzi again.  We recently, well I guess it was last fall, we went to a weekend crop, and as usual, I got sick, and spent pretty much the whole weekend up in the room sick, and Kim went to the crops by herself, and actually got a lot done.(maybe there is something to that.  Anyway, Kim picked me up around 7:15a.m. and we were 1/2 way there, and I realized that I took my medicine on an empty stomach, but I felt o.k. so I really didn't worry about it.  We got there about 8:30, and we were really excited to shop.  They had a ton of vendors, with every scrapping item known to man.  I don't know if we were really taking our time, or what, but before we realized it , it was tome for our 1st class.  Our first class was a mini album.  The album was really cute, but the amount of time that they schedule doe a class is not nearly close to the amount of time to actually finish what you start.  I promise to post pictures of the album when I finish it.  I did think that I would finish it this weekend, but when I went to work on it, I realized that I had taken my friend Kim's album home, and she has mine, so hopefully we will get together this weekend so we can swap albums, and I can get to work on it.  So we finished our first class, and it was time for our second class which was a canvas on the wall class.  This I was excited for, from the picture of the class, I thought it would be great on my wall that I have Beach pictures on, but we were not so happy to see that the color of the edging around the quotes was a very Orange.  I don't mind certain colors of orange, but I was not very fond of this one, but I am hoping that I can go over it with a pretty shade of blue Stickles.  Also this was the class that we were meeting up with Kel, Laurie, Dawn from Serenity Scrappers.  I had texted Laurie before the class, but didn't hear from her right away, but right when the class was going to start, my phone beeped, and it said, "Hi, we are in the back if the class", so I turned around, and there they were.  I asked them if I could say Hi, or should I text them back. LOL  Anyway the class started, and little by little I started feeling sick.  I tried to ignore it, but there was no way.  I quickly left the room, and ran for the bathroom.  I made it in the bathroom, but not into a stall.  I spent the next few minutes cleaning the bathroom floor.  I cleaned myself up, and went back to the class.  Kim knew what was going on, but I didn't want the girls to know and ruin our lunch plans. I dir feel better after I got sick, and  thought that maybe some food was all I needed.  We all went outside and walked a little bit to a little restaurant down the street.  I ordered a soda, and some chicken, and crossed my fingers.  I took a few sips of my drink, and quickly had that bad feeling, gave a look to Kim, and she jumped up, and i ran to the bathroom.  Now this next part, I am speaking to all of you who have had more than 1 child, and any type of female surgeries.  I made it to the bathroom, and as I began to get sick, My bladder decided to join in!! I know if you want to stop here, I do not blame you.  I now have vomit on my shirt, and urine on my pants.  I stood there trying to decide weather to just fling myself off the roof (but that would involve climbing a fire escape, because we were only 1 foot off the ground) and I really didn't think I could handle it.  I again cleaned myself up as much as possible, but at this point, there was really no hope.  Luckily I had a long shirt on, and there was a hand blower in the bathroom.  I finally went back to the table, and I am sure, that everyone in the restaurant knows what is going on, and at least the girls at my own table, but they were all gabbing, and either they were desperately trying to be nice, or they were in a drug induced haze, and were oblivious to my plight.  I stupidly decided to try to eat a few bites of chicken, I mean what could possibly go wrong now (Some of you who have been with me for a while, are probably screaming at your computers saying "NOOOO DON'T DO IT KAREN!!!!!!"  but then again you all know me to well to think that would happen, so off I was running to the bathroom once again!! This time at least my bladder was empty, and I only had 1 problem to worry about, well actually 2 if you count the lady banging on the bathroom door, ignoring me yelling that I would be out in a minute!! Yes I would be laughing too, if I weren't the one kneeling on the filthy floor. You would think that she would back off after the second time I said I was in there, what did she think, that I jumped out the window just so she couldn't use the bathroom??  or did she think that I was in there hanging out in the 1 toilet male/female bathroom, in this tiny little bathroom???? What exactly did she think that knocking the second and third time would actually accomplish??  Some people I will never understand, as long as I live, which at this point in my day, I was hoping wouldn't be much longer!!  I then went back to the table where everyone was looking at their watches, and Kim had this I pity you so much right now, not the I don;t like you look, but the thank god it is you, and not me look.  We walked back to the hotel, and we said our goodbyes, and they went off to their class, and we went to ours.  I actually did start to feel better by now, but decided that no matter what my brain was saying, nothing was passing these lips for the rest of the day.  The last class was the one I was looking forward to the most.  It was an acrylic album class.  The project was great, but the teacher was more interested in selling her product than teaching the class, so the class was almost over, and we knew we were not going to finish it, so we decided to leave and try and shop, because there was only 1/2 hr left before the vendors packed up and left.  We got to the room, and most of the vendors were almost all packed up, and we really couldn't shop, cause we couldn't remember where we wanted to shop, and who was packed up. and who was not.  So at last we left!!! I got home, and my hubby was in the driveway with the dogs, when we got home, and the first thing he says to me is not hi, or I missed you, or did you have a good time, but "You look awful"  cause obviously I did not know this already!! All I wanted to do was take a shower, and jump off the roof, and yes in that order, cause when I died, which I was convinced was going to happen, in that order, I did not want to smell, the way that I assumed that I smelled, when they came to pick up my body, and if I thought that I could loose some weight in between those things happening, I would have done that too!! I could see the headlines now, "Huge woman dies a million pounds overweight, and smelling like she had a an unbelievably horrible day at the CKU in Manchester NH!! So I am going to post the pictures of my acrylic album, the one accomplishment  of my horribly disgusting, miserable day!!  Karen♥                                             
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